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DIF Tech Investments and Growing Interest in Dubai Tech Sector

Dubai is undergoing a digital revolution driven by the ambitions of investment firms such as the Dubai Investment Fund (DIF) and the support of the UAE government. In 2001, Microsoft opened its first regional office in Dubai, lured by the United Arab Emirates’ 50-year rent-free incentive and promise of 100% repatriation of capital. That was the start of a tech trend and soon he saw HP, IBM, SAP, Oracle, 3M and Google establish regional centers in Dubai.

This has created a “cluster effect” that has turned Dubai into an investment hub for tech companies. Today, Dubai Internet City is considered the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. It is home to some of the largest multi-billion dollar unicorns in the Arab world, including Telegram, Yalla Group, Careem, Souq, Maktoob, Property Finder, Media.Net, Vista Global and Kitopi.

Under the UAE government’s vision of an economy beyond oil, private sector investment is seeking new ways to expand the country’s economy. Technology continues to be a favorite theme for new investments in the post-COVID region. The government actively supports private investment in technology through 100% foreign ownership, zero corporate tax, easy corporate exit plans, strong commercial regulation, and alternative financing channels. The country has 30 free trade zones, offering numerous incentives for tech startups and foreign investment funds.

Abu Dhabi Global Market Square (Formerly Sowa Square) Offices in the financial free zone area of ​​Al Maryah Island

Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) Free Zone It is home to the largest private equity firms, rivaling emerging economies such as Singapore, Malaysia, Israel and the UK. Dubai Investment Fund (DIF) is one such company leading change in the UAE. The fund manages his AuM of over $300 billion and actively invests in technology companies across multiple sectors. We invest in international stock markets and foreign companies across geographies through private equity partnerships.

The Dubai Investment Fund (DIF) was established in 2001 and has remained strong through repeated cycles of inflation and recession. Its investment philosophy is rooted in constant diversification and discovery of new technologies. DIF is rapidly expanding its technology footprint by investing in both mainstream and offbeat technology companies.

In 2017, DIF further expanded its investment portfolio within the IT sector and forged new partnerships with leading technology companies and emerging start-ups. That year, the DIF made major investments, taking stakes in companies such as Qualcomm, Intuit, PayPal, Booking Holdings, VMware and AutoDesk.

“While we believe we have been very successful in expanding our portfolio of companies in which we invested in 2017, one thing is clear: investing in the right companies will continue to be key to our strategy going forward.” DIF CEO Amir Shams said: «As DIF grows and investment conditions and metrics change, we will continue to look for opportunities along the DIF’s three pillars of diversification and innovation. We are determined to create innovative new opportunities for both ourselves and growth. »

According to DIF CEO Amir Shams, these investments will help the company’s investors reap the benefits of the coming digital revolution in the Arab world. Through long-term partnerships with multinational companies, DIF is well-positioned across the MENA region’s technology chain.

DIF’s core portfolio includes investments in hydrocarbons, heavy industry, infrastructure, telecommunications, finance and clean energy. As DIF gains majority ownership status in some of the largest regional companies and parent companies, its technology investments can leverage core portfolio investments.

DIF is also active in the UAE’s artificial intelligence (AI) ambitions. The company was the first to launch his AI lab in Dubai in 2016 to develop machine learning capabilities and gain insight into the future potential of AI. DIF continues to be a key investment partner for established brands and local tech startups. One of the most diverse funds in the world with deep roots in Asia, Europe and the US. The fund serves over 7300 individual and institutional clients in over 61 countries. Beyond short-term gains, the company seeks long-term partnerships with companies, institutions and government agencies for the betterment of communities and the environment. DIF is one of the most prominent investors in green energy in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia.

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