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Cognizant Selected as Technology Partner for AXA Digital Drives

Insurance giant AXA partners with Cognizant to transform its digital operations in the UK and Ireland. With this move, the consulting firm will work with his AXA to streamline the technology ecosystem and give customers greater flexibility and choice.

Founded in 1816, AXA is a collection of independently operated companies in the insurance sector. With a presence in 50 countries, his 149,000 AXA employees and distributors serve approximately 95 million customers worldwide. But even now, this historic business does not rest on those laurels.

With digitalization still booming across the economy, the insurance industry has lagged behind other sectors in adopting digital solutions and may be missing out on opportunities as a result. According to his recent McKinsey & Company report, the industry could increase productivity and reduce operating costs by up to 40% by 2030 by adopting his technology today.

Cognizant Selected as Technology Partner for AXA Digital Drives

AXA UK & Ireland announces new plans to transform the technology ecosystem in this regard, creating a digitally-enabled, agile IT environment that is data-rich, secure, sustainable and reduces overall costs. Did. Looking to consolidate, modernize, and manage IT operations, the company turned to Cognizant as his technology partner to realize its digital potential.

Shali Vasudeva, Chief Operating Officer, AXA UK & Ireland said: The foundation for this is a modern digital IT infrastructure that enables data-driven business decisions. Cognizant’s track record, expertise, and helping organizations simplify and manage their IT environments were key factors in choosing Cognizant as their technology partner. ”

The new multi-year agreement will enable Cognizant to offer multifaceted managed and cloud migration services to improve the AXA customer experience using more intuitive and secure digital channels. His technical support for Cognizant in this partnership will include cloud migration and IT infrastructure management, but will also enable innovation and new initiatives to improve his AXA’s overall offerings in the UK and Ireland. .

Rob Walker, President, Global Growth Markets, Cognizant, said: This new partnership builds on our strong momentum as a leader in helping global insurance customers achieve their ambitions. ”

The news comes at a time when Cognizant continues to perform well. The firm, a technology consulting and professional services firm, hit $18.5 billion in global revenue in 2021. That’s driven by his record quarterly earnings of $4.8 billion, which he achieved last quarter. The latest results show he is back in double-digit growth for the first time since 2015.