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Chelsea FC 1-1 Tottenham LIVE! Hojbjerg Goals - Premier League Match Stream, Latest Scores & Today's Updates

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Chelsea beat Tottenham 1-0 at half-time in the Premier League. Spurs’ dismal record at Stamford Bridge looks set to continue.

A brilliant move by the Blues, with Hugo Lloris making a superb save, turning Kai Havertz’s low shot back and Chelsea scoring from a corner kick. Koulibaly found freedom for West London when Mark Cucurella swiveled the ball and volleyed home a sensational opener.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek couldn’t make the most of his glorious moment at wing-back as Mason Mount tried for space on the edge of the box but fired a ferocious shot. Follow Chelsea vs Tottenham on his LIVE blog on Standard Sport below. His expert analysis by Nizaar Kinsella and Dan Kilpatrick at Stamford Bridge is posted.

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75 minutes: Havertz needs to score! Tuchel can’t believe Chelsea aren’t out front.

James is now at wingback and skips Son to box a stunning cross. Havertz completely releases a few yards away and somehow misses.


73 minutes: Early in the move, Bentancourt clamored for a Chelsea free-kick when he slid into Havertz. Conte’s celebrations brought him to Tuchel’s technical his area – Chelsea bosses weren’t thrilled to see him.

Azpilicueta on behalf of Jorginho.


70 minutes: A water break begins after that goal if the referee shows a yellow card to those listening.

Conte gets one. It’s safe to say you can file his response under “couldn’t care less”.


goal! Chelsea 1-1 Tottenham | Pierre-Emile Hoybjerg 68′

Havertz was absolutely furious as Bentancourt slid into him and the free-kick was not awarded. Bentancur seemed to have stopped expecting the whistle to blow.

The Spurs are up front and played to Hojbjerg on the edge of the area…and he drills it low into the corner!

Brilliant finish. And now Conte and Tuchel are fighting on the touchline!


65 minutes: Richarlison has already gotten into an argument with Cucurella. Get a CK for Spurs.

Towards Dier at the near post we headed into another corner at the back. Son to take again.

A great ball came in but Chelsea were able to break it. That is until Emerson slips in and Kante hands it to Sterling.


Dan Kilpatrick at Stamford Bridge

Richarlison’s debut makes it look like the Spurs are 4-2-4. Conte’s all-out attack, but not a formation to counter Chelsea’s midfield dominance.


61 minutes: What a chance!

Kane made a clean through onside and Silva couldn’t catch him.

of all the people who screw it up…


60 minutes: Loftus-Cheek puts all space on the right side and kicks the ball with his left foot but fails to shoot.

Falling for Starling, past some challenges and finally missing a shot. Tall and wide. An important moment for Chelsea.


57 minutes: Sessegnon off, Richardson on. Spurs 4 back?

Apparently, Conte had to do something. There is still 30 minutes left, so plenty of time.