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Check out the new tech trends tracked by this Dell Technologies leader » Innovation in Dallas

With buzzwords flying from edge computing to hyper-automation and more and more new technologies entering the market, it can be difficult to know which trends are most important to grasp. I have.

As we discuss the products that Round Rock-based tech giant Dell Technologies has been working on, we talk about the products they’ve been working on for everything from the future of hybrid work connectivity to innovative ways to play online games. , Rakesh Apte, director of product management and innovation strategy at the company, explained: Emerging trends driving the future of technology innovation for companies large and small to watch.

“Given the hybrid future and hybrid life, we want to make technology equally accessible, especially for those who are remotely or permanently remote,” Apte said at the Dallas Startup Week event. said in

Check out some of the most pressing trends Apte talked about and his thoughts on each below.

digital transformation

Over the last few years, we have begun to look at this economic environment from a macroeconomic perspective, and we are entering an environment where the focus is on cutting costs. . We’ve seen that wave happen over the past few years. We will continue to see this trend as the industry stays at the forefront of technology and also thinks about ways to help reduce costs.

automation/artificial intelligence

Automation is no longer just an industry focus. Automation feeds can be found in every industry today, from manufacturing to retail to healthcare to agricultural services. We see this as part of a larger transformation underway. We know AI will be a key factor when it comes to improving productivity. Depending on the metric, it can exceed 30%. As we see progress in technology, automation, and employee productivity, we want to seriously consider how AI can be used as an empowering partner for our customers and end users.


XR (augmented reality), AR (artificial reality), and VR (virtual reality) technologies have been around for some time, and are probably riding the second or third wave of some of these technologies. But now both end-users and customers are beginning to show great interest in adopting some of these technologies. While the hands-on experience with these technologies has improved, some challenges still remain when it comes to privacy, user experience, and people’s reactions to their environment. For this to succeed, the industry needs to do the right thing.


We get a lot of interest from our customers and end users about sustainability, our carbon footprint and how we can achieve the broader impact they want. There will be more focus on sustainability within the environment. We’re starting to think about solutions and concepts that help end users and help businesses think about sustainability.

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

Dallas Startup Week 2022

Dallas Startup Week is DEC Network’s annual flagship event, now in its eighth year. Over 100 events and his 200+ speakers focus on entrepreneurial success, economic impact and driving innovation. The event, which will be held online and in-person at SMU’s Cox School of Business through August 11, will bring together innovative leaders across the sector to support the growth and success of the startup community and explore potential partnerships and new opportunities. The event director says that it creates sex.

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