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Blackburn Rovers 4-0 Hartlepool United: Championship side cruise to Carabao Cup second round

Scott Wharton (pictured) scores as brother Adam makes his Blackburn debut

Blackburn Rovers easily defeated League Two side Hartlepool United to advance to the second round of the Carabao Cup.

Scott Wharton, Bradley Duck, Tillis Dolan and Dylan Mulcanday scored in a one-sided match at Ewood Park.

Wharton led the championship team by heading into Tyler Morton’s corner just after the 30-minute mark.

And they dashed the losers’ hopes of a comeback early in the second half by scoring two goals within five minutes.

Dak, who had regained form, made his first appearance of the season and scored on a Tayo Edunn cross before Dolan scored three goals with a shot into the bottom corner.

Duck then set up Marcanday, who slotted home with his left foot for his first career goal.

Wharton’s younger brother Adam, 18, made his first team debut for Rovers. This made them the first brothers since Swedish duo Martin and Marcus He Olsson to play together at the club.

The addition of Adam Wharton was one of ten changes boss John Dahl-Thomasson made to the starting line-up. Meanwhile, Poole made seven changes.



formation 4-2-3-1

  • 13Pear
  • 11Rankin Costello
  • 33Phillips
  • 16whartonsubstitutePickeringand 45′minutes
  • 7EdunsubstituteBattyand 79′minutes
  • 6Morton
  • 36wharton
  • 18marcanday
  • twenty threeduckBook in 61 minutessubstituteBuckleyand 83′minutes
  • TenDolan
  • 29veil


  • 1Kaminsky
  • 3Pickering
  • FourAyala
  • 8Smodics
  • 9Gallagher
  • twenty oneBuckley
  • 27Travis
  • 39Annesley
  • 40Batty


formation 3-4-1-2

  • 1Kirip
  • twenty threeMenaise
  • FiveMalay
  • FourMeow
  • 26uproar
  • 6Sheltonsubstitutecookand 68′minutes
  • twenty twocrawfordBook in 61 minutes
  • 14Paterson
  • 20Shirasubstitutefeather stoneand 87′minutes
  • 19HamiltonsubstituteUmeraand 68′minutes
  • 17taylorsubstituteHastyand 68′minutes


  • 2Stelly
  • 3Ferguson
  • 7Hasty
  • 8feather stone
  • 9Umera
  • Tencook
  • twenty oneLeatheren

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