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Bill Browder says he now receives regular calls from US and UK officials

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  • Bill Browder says he has received regular calls from US and UK officials since the Russian invasion.
  • The investor was speaking on a new episode of the “One Decision” podcast.
  • He said interest in Russia is growing because Putin is killing civilians in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin’s most vocal critic of investor Bill Browder has received regular calls from US and UK government ministers and officials seeking his advice since Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year. He said it comes down to it.

Before Putin’s invasion, he said on his One Decision podcast that he was unable to arrange meetings with British politicians, but now “the doors are wide open in many different places, People want to talk to me.”

“Suddenly, we’re getting calls from ministers asking for advice, not just from the UK government,” Browder said.

He had also been contacted by both the US and Canadian governments.

“Everyone understands that this is due to Putin’s criminal activity. A large part of his criminal activity is to steal money, and most of the stolen money flows into the economies of Western countries. Yes,” Browder added.

Browder founded Hermitage Capital Management in 1996 and quickly became one of the world’s highest performing funds. He has been the target of the Russian president for much of his last 20 years. He exposed the corruption between oligarchs and their corporations in post-Soviet Russia and created a long list of enemies, including Putin.

Browder, who was declared a national security threat to Russia in 2005 and was barred from entering the country, was attacked by Putin during a joint press conference with President Donald Trump after the summit in Helsinki in July 2018. nominated.

According to the Atlantic Council, the Russian president claimed that Browder’s business associates never paid taxes in either Russia or the United States on the more than $1.5 billion he earned in Russia.

Browder’s attorney, Sergey Magnitsky, died in 2009 in a Russian prison under mysterious circumstances.

In an episode of the podcast, Browder also said he was added to Interpol’s list of red notifications eight times.

He said of the system:

Browder said Putin wanted him dead for some time. “The main way he tried to kill me wasn’t by putting Novichok on my doorknob. Or maybe he wanted to and decided not to.” Browder said. “But the main way he tried to kill me was to bring me back to Russia through international legal means and kill me in a Russian prison.”

He concluded: