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Assessing and Improving Information Technology Systems SC State | Local

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Technology can shape the student experience at any college or university in the 21st century.

As such, South Carolina State University has initiated a complete audit of its information technology networks, applications, processes, and functions, with the ultimate goal of enhancing technology to attract, educate, retain, and graduate more students. is up.

SC Provincial President Alexander Conyers hired a consulting firm to analyze the university’s IT infrastructure and make recommendations for improvement. Branchville Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia, will conduct an evaluation of his IT projects under development, existing systems and software at South Carolina State University, and the organization and capabilities of the university’s Computing and Information Technology Services Division. .

Conyers said: “Everything we do at South Carolina State University involves some degree of technology. To serve today’s students and their families, we need to have robust systems in place for a seamless experience. In order to maintain the momentum we have built at SC State, there are some critical IT capabilities that need to be addressed urgently.

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“We believe Branchville will help us identify the strengths and weaknesses of our current network and ultimately deliver solutions that lead to better communication, greater efficiency, and barrier-free, interactive learning on and off campus.” said Conyers.

Branchville CEO Kevin Summers, who named his company after his hometown of Branchville, South Carolina, and his business partner Quentin Cantlo visited campus earlier this week to meet with South Carolina leaders. We discussed strategy.

Summers said his campus connections include 26 families who attended South Carolina State University, so he was excited about the opportunity to support the university. Summers has worked in his IT management for global companies such as Coca-Cola, Lowe’s and Whirlpool, and upon retirement he launched Branchville to help universities and other companies with technology. Clients include other historically black colleges such as Howard University and Delaware State University.

Branchville’s top priority is to evaluate projects already underway at SC State, including resolving issues related to campus phone systems, networks, wireless technology, and network security. The university experienced a security disruption last September that affected all network functions. Another “onboard” project is the installation of 700 cameras and 27 emergency phone boxes to enhance safety and security on campus.

“First and foremost, it helps restore the experience for students, their parents, faculty, and administrators,” Summers says. “We need to understand what these projects are and help them succeed.”

Branchville then delves into SC State’s entire IT profile.

“It’s a great opportunity to get a hands-on look at all the systems on campus and do a system audit: feature usability, functionality, and integration,” says Summers. “We will see how they work together for administration, faculty and students.

“We’re going to go deep into infrastructure: networks, data centers, cabling, workstations,” he said.

Branchville not only assesses the state of IT at South Carolina State University, but also assesses how the administration can help the university in the short and long term in managing finances, enrollment, teaching, research, retention efforts, grades, and other student records. help you dig into your specific needs.

“What is the technology required to make it happen?” Summers said. “It’s the entire student lifecycle. Technology drives everything. has a new special: $1 for 26 weeks

“We want to figure out where the breakpoints are: what prevents a great student experience, a great faculty experience, or a great administrative experience,” he said. “That’s the most important thing. How can technology help with that whole process?”