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As Cannabis Products Evolve and Strengthen, Tennessee Business Owners Seek More Regulation

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NASHVILLE (WKRN) — Legal hemp products sold in Tennessee attract higher users than illegal marijuana.

And in these food packages, vape and flower are scientific names and acronyms that promise certain effects.

“The accuracy that’s happening on the scientific side is incredible,” said Dexter Palmer, co-owner of Flowers. “Right now he one of our top products is Live Resin. Incredibly flavorful, powerful and effective. Then the next drop is better. It just evolves and grows very fast.” doing.”

Palmer’s business blossomed during the pandemic as it offered same-day delivery of cannabis products throughout Nashville and partnered with other cannabis businesses in the area.

However, when looking through all the products on the website, it can feel like diving into a can of alphabet soup first.

Now it’s not just about CBD and low THC products. Consider Flowers also sells CBDA, CBG, CBN, THC-O, THC-A and THC-V, just to name a few.

But co-owner Kelsey Palmer says there are other compounds to investigate.

“Compared to a year ago, we’re creating truly custom cool blends that can combine psychoactive and uplifting effects.”[And] Effects may reduce appetite, and we use very few cannabinoids. There are hundreds of cannabinoids. So the sky is the limit, and it’s hard to say where you can go from here.

One of the things the Palmers hope to see in the future is more guidance from government agencies, bringing more stability and confidence to an industry that is constantly seeking to stay in line with the latest laws.

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LabCanna owner Derek Besenius said of working in the cannabis industry, “You have to pivot and you have to be very adaptable. This has to be a fair market from a business standpoint.” But the problem is that there are all these players, couch chemists, who are unqualified or unqualified and who don’t necessarily have the knowledge to make a safe product. facing.”

LabCanna and Consider it Flowers are part of Cultivate Tennessee a 501(c)(3), a political campaign for the state’s cannabis industry aimed at bringing safe and ethical cannabis products to Tennessee. Committee.
Cultivate Tennessee supports what it calls “proper-sized regulation” of the cannabis industry, setting its own standards based on regulations in other states, legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, and ensuring that its members and states We provide feedback from experts within.

“I think the cannabis industry as a whole is in a really unique position to want regulation at the right scale. Tennessee co-founder Devin Aracena said.

Aracena says the development and innovation of this level of hemp would not have been possible without the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp containing certain low levels of THC. We admit that many of the products we sell are considered legal because of loopholes.

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But next year, a new farm law will go into effect, and Tennessee business owners say they don’t know which products they can add to their inventory or which ones they need to remove from their shelves when that happens.