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An inventor develops a new generation of carbon dioxide capture technology



        Some of the inventions of Solomon Arema Asfa

Some of the inventions of Solomon Arema Asfa


“Carbon dioxide recovery and power generation system technology”

This new technology will serve as a zero carbon footprint carbon capture and power plant”…two birds with one stone…”


United States and Canada, Aug. 11, 2022 / — Inventor’s Story:-
Solomon Alema Asfhsa is an independent inventor with a passion for scientific principles, new ideas and new technologies. With his five unique patents under his name Solomon Arema his Asfusa needs to fry bigger fish to fix human-caused environmental problems across the planet. Killing two birds with one stone, Solomon Arema Asfusa has invested years in documentation, research, prototyping and troubleshooting of state-of-the-art ‘Carbon dioxide capture and electrical energy generation systems’. The inventor made many sacrifices to develop this new technology. But a strong, determined and unwavering vision enabled Solomon Arema Asfusa to work relentlessly to achieve everything he envisioned. The owner and inventor of sophisticated technology, the best since sliced ​​bread, he envisions creating a win-win situation for all.

Basis of Invention:-
Unfortunately, carbon emissions are a major pollutant of the environment. Billions of tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) are released into the atmosphere each year, causing significant damage to Mother Nature. Periodically, natural increases in CO2 concentrations warm the planet, melting Arctic icebergs and causing sea level rise, rising storm surges, increased coastal erosion, erratic rainfall, and desertification. As a whole, humanity is exposed to serious health conditions. Obstacle. As industrialization accelerated globally, the situation became even more unruly. His massive CO2 emissions from vehicles and factories sometimes worsen the world’s climate.

Solomon Arema Asfusa, doing everything in her power to save the planet, took the helm and chewed through the bullets perfectly.

What problems did breakthrough inventions solve?
This technology captures atmospheric CO2 residues and flue gases while simultaneously generating power from the system. The technical philosophy of the proposed technology is to “collect the harmful CO2 emitted from the atmosphere and convert it into electricity from the system.” In addition, abundant power is generated within the large scale design of the system. Additionally, the electrical energy generated can be used to power factories, homes, and businesses.

The proposed technology solves the following problems.

1. Massive CO2 emissions cause air pollution, climate change and global warming. This technology is designed to capture CO2 with greater efficiency.
2. Currently, CO2 capture technology consumes a lot of electrical energy. The high power consumption of CO2 capture technology is the most challenging part of most technologies designed to undermine their harmful impact on the planet. To address this issue, the proposed technology creates and provides a mechanism to generate power from the system, which in turn extracts toxic residues from the atmosphere and flue gases. CO2 is captured using electricity from private power generation. Imagine the high electricity consumption from the grid and the cost to capture CO2 per kilogram. New technology solves these problems.

3. Exhaust heat is emitted from the system and later converted to generate additional power within the system.
4. This technology comes with new ideas and new solutions. This technology serves the interests of humanity and Mother Earth. Furthermore, to create a variety of options for the industrial sector, the technology includes four different alternative versions and inventions, with different invention prototypes and costs for each innovative design. In addition, the manufacturing technology uses readily available and inexpensive materials. This plays a big role in reducing the total cost of technology. Therefore, due to the above facts, we expect this technique to be economically viable and affordable.
5. CO2 is absorbed and converted to carbonate and bicarbonate by-products. One version and invention of the technology has been further reinvented to convert and process sodium/potassium carbonate into cleaning agents, soap products, and more.
On average, a typical tree can absorb about 21 kilograms of CO2 per year, but this figure is only achieved when the tree is fully grown. Medium-scale CO2 capture technology is designed to capture 65 kilotonnes of CO2 per year, or the equivalent of 13,334 automobile emissions per year. Therefore, a medium-scale “carbon capture power generation system” technology would be able to capture his CO2 gas with 2,857,143 trees.

This invention is currently registered and protected by the Canadian Intellectual Property and Patent Office, the United States Patent Office, and other countries.

Additionally, Solomon Alema Asfha has effectively tested parts and sub-parts of this technology. Now he and his team plan to build a large-scale “carbon capture and electrical energy generation” technology. The technology will be implemented and commercialized for the benefit of mankind with the help of various stakeholders, partners and potential investors.

Obstacles encountered in realizing the vision:-
“Carbon dioxide capture and power generation system” is expected to contribute to the global environment and zero carbon vision. Unfortunately, a few people and a few companies are trying to exploit the humble beginnings of a carbon-free world, the fruit of invention, the invention of Solomon Arema Asfa. We consider this to be totally inhumane and disgusting. This is technology that we all need to help and support. We therefore call on all dedicated individuals and organizations to support us in implementing this important technology in the short term.


For decades, humans have been releasing global warming GHGs into the atmosphere. But the question still remains: can the new technology repair the damage? The answer is yes!!!
The new “CO2 capture and electrical energy generation” technology comes with new ideas and solutions to solve the problem of carbon dioxide emissions. Newly proposed technology effectively captures CO2 from industrial processes, extracts harmful emissions directly from the atmosphere, produces electrical energy with zero carbon emissions, and offers promising opportunities to combat climate change To do.

For support in implementing this technology, or for further discussion and collaboration on new technologies, you can contact the inventors and owners of the technology directly at the following emails:


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