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Amex GBT adds features to manage flight disruptions

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American Express Global Business Travel has announced the launch of a new tool designed to help travel managers and travelers manage flight disruptions.

One of the new features is Proactive Travel Care, a travel management company’s assistance service during the trip. It monitors travelers’ trips and notifies them of delays and cancellations via an automated messaging system. Currently, the service can send travelers alternative flight recommendations. After selecting their preferred option, travelers are connected to a travel counselor to complete the change, said Mark McSpadden, vice president of product strategy and user experience at Amex GBT.

With this update, travelers will also be able to connect to Amex GBT Travel Counselors via WhatsApp, in addition to the currently available Amex GBT Mobile app chat and SMS channels.

Alternate flight recommendations are currently available for select U.S. customers and will be available globally by the end of the year, according to Amex GBT.

Additionally, TMC has added new dashboards to its cloud-based reporting tool, Insights. This dashboard collects disruption data from the PTC service for travel managers, including the number of flights impacted, the airlines with the most delays and cancellations, and the percentage. Percentage of travelers using the service. The dashboard is now available globally, allowing travel managers to track how severely disruptions are impacting travelers and improve their duty of care, he said Amex GBT. I’m here.

“We’re talking more and more with travel managers about the chaotic environment, but they have very little insight into what’s going on, especially as a whole,” McSpadden said. I found an opportunity for them to get better information about where they are.”

For example, travel managers can use this dashboard to identify if broader issues regarding a particular airline or route need to be discussed, or to reach out to travelers facing multiple disruptions. says it can.

Amex GBT has also added functionality to its mobile app to make it easier for travelers to keep their colleagues, clients and family updated on travel disruptions. Now available worldwide, the feature allows travelers to generate a link to her Amex GBT webpage, which offers live flight tracking, and allows recipients to refresh that page to view the latest flight information. . That way, travelers don’t have to send their contacts themselves continuous flight status updates.

“When we talked to travelers about the disruption, we found that managing the whole aspect of communication – letting clients, teams, or their families know what was going on – has become something else entirely. ” said McSpadden.

The feature was added because travelers are facing increased flight disruptions this year, with travelers likely to face nearly twice as many delays this year as last year, according to FlightAware data. .

Amex GBT said it plans to release more chaos management services in the coming months, including more chat channels to connect with travel counselors, post-chaos check-in surveys, and third-party service offerings. I was.