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Aiken Body Contouring and Esthetics finally opens the door | Work

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The time to wait for Hoang Ot’s Aiken business to open is over.

Ott’s Aiken Body Contouring and Esthetics recently had its grand opening at a new location at 861 Silver Bluff Road.

Body contouring involves the use of non-invasive devices to reduce body fat. Esthetics are human skin care.

Ott had previously attempted to open a business at 104 Florence Street Southwest, but was rejected due to zoning issues with the building.

She leased the northern half of the Florence Street building from Dee Crawford in October and spent the next few months working with the relevant state licensing agencies to operate the business there and upgrade the building to meet the needs of the business. Did.

Once Ott obtained a permit from a state agency, she learned that the building’s zoning would not allow her to operate there. She then petitioned the City of Crawford to rezoning the building to a type of zoning that would allow her to conduct business there, and she obtained permission from Crawford.

A request for rezoning the property was filed on May 4, according to documents later filed with the city council.

The city council unanimously rejected the rezoning request on June 27.

Ott said he felt the city council was leaning toward approving the zoning request on a recent Sunday afternoon, but that all changed when they returned to executive session.

City Council asked Planning Director Maria Moultrie if Councilor Lessy B. Price could grant the request and allow Ott to operate there by imposing special conditions on the property. and then entered an enforcement session during the discussion of the request.

Moultrie replied that this was probably a legal issue and turned it over to City Attorney Gary Smith.

Smith said he would provide a legal briefing, but preferred to do it in an executive session.

After a motion by Price and a second motion by Ed Woltz, the council entered enforcement session at 8:15 pm and closed enforcement session seven minutes later.

After returning, the council voted unanimously 7 to 0 to deny the request.

Ott said she disagreed with the decision.

She shattered the negative soul and called it humiliating.

“It was soul-crushing in the sense that we invested everything just to get started here and there,” said Ott.

After the city council denied the request, Ott said he didn’t have much of a choice but to move. This is an additional expense and he may have to pay two leases, so he didn’t want to move.

She praised Crawford for understanding that it was great to work with him and that she did everything she could to stay.

Ott ended up renting a building at 861 Silver Bluff Road.

She said the new building didn’t need as many upgrades to provide the service.

Ott said she believed that even if the city council granted the request, her running a business on Florence Street would seem like a nightmare to her neighbors.

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