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A Carlisle United fan's take on the draw with Swindon Town

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Carlisle United fans shared their thoughts on Twitter after the 1-1 draw with Swindon Town. Here you have a choice.

Considering that he has scored 53 goals so far and only scored 3 goals, he has to score more often. The 1/18 ratio needs to be improved. If you can find the net, the department is lobster (or oysters). (@Bruce Vander)

It was a decent performance for me. I am obviously very disappointed that I missed my chance, but overall I am satisfied. The two wingbacks were outstanding and the last Horror with Swindon (@matty017) almost erased the memory of her show.

John Mellish needs to empty his pockets tonight and may find McCurdy there (@IvanNewsome24)

It’s the first game of the season for me and it looks pretty strong overall. Patrick and Gibson are reluctant today. Ellis and Buck understood very well. Mr. McKirdy must have practiced a great deal of acting as a pantomime villain for his post-soccer career. Honestly, they wouldn’t have scored if he hadn’t messed up with that pitfall. The Bruce definitely had better chances. Too bad they didn’t take advantage of those sitters. (@EarnThtDanegeld)

All in all, a great better performance than the last time we met…we played with confidence and were calm in the back. 90% we are there… the last 10% clicks take us to a place (@Lee_Wilson_CUFC)

Good performance, but could be better. It was a very poor and sloppy goal for Swindon, but it bounced back very well. I needed Edmondson. A point is a point at the end of the day (@ITZ_FUZE_7)

decent performance. Finishing requires a lot of work. Another game that should have been dead by halftime. Indeed he dropped two points, but it wasn’t the end of the world. (@Parkinson Ross)

In front of the goal, you need to calm down a bit. You are definitely heading in the right direction. (@Craig Cdaley83)

They conceded a soft goal, missed two sitters, and dropped two points. McCurdy never saw, except for one killer ball that no one scored across the box in the first half. Good progress from last season. (@3ddiew)

Bearing in mind that Feeney and Edmondson were absent, the team coped well and were a little more calm and were able to beat them. Now he is four quarters. Huntington boosts defenses and adds needed experience (@carlislekev)

great game. A very good open game of football given the conditions. A draw is a fair result. (@Playbytherulz)

We conceded a few goals and had two chances to win, but we would have drawn before the game. (@Brendan Rogers69)

The team will need time to solidify, but they are already showing strong spirit and confidence. This is a league match, and I think it’s very meaningful that he came back from conceding two games in a row. But chances have to end. Finback class act and young Jack Ellis got along well. (@ctrlamb)

A familiar story this season that didn’t get our chance. The good news is we are creating opportunities. (@Hatkinson5527)

3 mistakes means we can’t win. Should have won 3-0 but decent performance (@Cazzum01)

We are very happy with the points, a team that is underpowered. Good and solid performances overall and some good individual performances from the likes of Mellish, Whelan, Ellis and Moxon. (@ Ronnie Smith1964)

I was surprised by the intensity of the match under these conditions, but the players kept the pressure on until the very end. With a one-to-one rate, there is always the chance someone will fail. But not today. No weak links, disappointing for their goals, but again excellent from Denno. It’s 4-4 and looks good for a record-breaking season. He looks like the goalscorer we were told. I liked the high-tech cooling system that Colonel Kitman devised. Soak a wet towel in a plastic container… (@LindaNi121202)

I can’t sleep tonight with a tap in. Good for performance though. (@dubhead77)

Overall it was a good performance, but I feel we should have won. We gave them a goal and missed some great chances of our own. Considering the injured list and missing players, I am happy with the draw. Ellis is for the future and Denise gives us an edge (@tim_martland)

Considering all the injuries, this team performed well and with a little luck they could have won. Simo is king. (@peterjo91525330)

I had a lot of injuries, so I was worried about his back appearance. Moxon is doing well and in the league he looks like a player with 200 appearances. Patrick seemed to have slowed down, but I’m sure he’ll be sharper. Mellish he was great at McKirdy. A soft goal he didn’t play to the whistle. (@JR Bullman)

It was a decent and entertaining game with both teams doing their part. The Blues missed many chances again. Fairly even game, fair results. Both teams could easily battle it out at the top in April. Criticism – Carlisle need to capitalize on their chances more. (@IanWsanderson)