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6 tips and tricks for new Oculus Quest 2 owners

When you first get your hands on an Oculus (now Meta) Quest 2, you might be tempted to turn it on and dive into a VR game, and there’s nothing wrong with that! With it enabled, you will have a much better overall VR experience.

The Meta Quest 2 VR headset has multiple settings to make it easier for first-time users to use (and get into the game). Try our tips and tricks for new users to see if you can enjoy your headset even more.

Enable passthrough

Passthrough is a setting that allows you to see through the headset’s external camera. It paints the space around you in a kind of blurry black and white, but it’s much easier to find the controllers once you’ve put on the headset, and there are mainly two ways he does this I have.

The first is to enable Passthrough Home. This eliminates the default virtual environment and enables passthrough all the time except when launching the app.

  1. Press the Oculus button on the right touch controller to bring up the quick menu, then click[クイック設定]Select an icon.
  2. When the quick settings menu appears, select the eye icon.
  1. You’ll see the room around you instead of a virtual background.

A second option is to turn on passthrough shortcuts. This allows you to double-tap the right side of the headset to activate passthrough.

  1. open the quest menu setting It’s in the upper right corner.
  2. select Guardian.
  3. Select the toggle to enable Passthrough with double tap.

Once enabled, you can see where you are in the real world by simply double-tapping the side of your headset. Great for keeping you centered in your play space if you get too close to the Guardian Barrier.

invest in alternative lenses

If you wear glasses (like many of us do), the Oculus Quest 2 poses a bit of a problem. The headset fits snugly and the glasses often fall off when the headset is removed. You also run the risk of scratching the internal Quest lens (or your own glasses).

The Quest 2’s internal lens is fragile, and if damaged, the entire lens will need to be replaced. Great care must be taken not to damage them in any way. The included microfiber cloth is perfect for cleaning. Use gentle strokes and don’t press them down.

If you want to mitigate this risk, you can purchase snap-in prescription lenses from companies such as HonsVR, VR Lens Lab, and WIDMOvr. The process is easy. Simply enter your prescription on the site and it will be delivered to your doorstep within weeks. The lens fits magnetically into the VR headset.

You can play in VR without wearing glasses. Best of all, you can also add another layer of protection to the Quest’s internal lenses and opt for features like blue light filtering and anti-glare.

Another advantage: these usually include a padded VR cover that protects the lens from the sun when not in use.

Try unreleased experimental games in the App Lab

App Lab is a platform where designers can add unfinished or experimental VR games. These games often leave the App Lab after being well tested, but it’s a great way to find cheap and highly innovative VR experiences.

App Lab DB is a working database of all known App Lab games. You can sort by popularity, age, rating, and even price. You can also search for specific titles. Some of today’s best-known Quest 2 games (such as Gorilla Tag) started in App Lab.

Once you’ve found the game, navigate through the App Lab to the download page within the Quest 2 store. Simply choose to download the game and it will appear on your Quest 2 headset (if your Facebook account is already linked to the Quest store).

Check game comfort level before playing

All games on the Oculus Store are given one of three comfort ratings: comfortable, moderate, or intense.

Virtual reality gameplay often causes motion sickness, so these ratings help you decide if the game is right for you. A comfortable game can be played by most people, while a medium game can be played by most, but not all, players. If you’re new to VR, avoid intense gaming until you get used to it.

An example of a comfortable game is Beat Saber, where you stand in one place and wave your arms. An intense game is Gorilla Tag, where you swing your arms and run through the arena with quick movements.

Select to see your gaming comfort level. More information On the Oculus Store Apps page.

Connect to PC via Air Link or Link cable

If the Oculus Store library is a little limited, don’t worry. Play your favorite PC games thanks to the Oculus Link feature. This allows you to play PC VR and SteamVR games on your Quest 2 headset. This is an experimental feature, but it works well, especially if you’re using long USB-C cables for added mobility.

You can also use this feature to enable mods for your favorite VR games such as Beat Saber. Don’t miss this setting. Get access to the best VR experiences. We have a complete guide on how to do this.

Stream your gameplay

Want to convince someone else to join you in the fun? You can stream your gameplay to show them exactly what it looks like in VR. One of the easiest ways is to cast your gameplay to something like Chromecast. You can also cast your gameplay to your Apple or Android phone.

Another option is to take screenshots of the craziest events you’ve seen in VR. You can share these with your friends on Facebook. Who knows – we might have that multiplayer team you’ve been wanting.

If you have a new Oculus Quest 2 headset, do a little research before diving in. There are a lot of useful features and settings that are not immediately obvious, but that greatly benefit your gameplay.