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5G Enhances International Communication Capabilities in the Multimedia Era

Harbin, China, August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This is the Science and Technology Daily report. 2022 is an important year for the large-scale development of 5G applications and the comprehensive and iterative upgrade of technology.

The theme of the 2022 World 5G Convention Media Forum, which will be held both online and offline on August 9th, is “5G will enhance global communication capabilities.”

Professionals and experts from domestic and foreign press organizations and 5G technology companies will jointly discuss the detailed integration of 5G technology and international communication from the perspective of globalization, and explore the use of 5G technology in international communication in the multimedia era. We explored direction and analyzed how to do it. Develop a targeted international communication strategy according to the needs of international audiences at the 2022 World 5G Congress Media Forum.

The media forum of the 2022 World 5G Congress will be held in Harbin on August 9th. (Photo: S&T DAILY) (PRNewsfoto/Science and Technology Daily)

Du Zhanyuan, director of China International Communications Group (CICG), shared four perspectives on the future development of 5G media and the enhancement of 5G technology, stating that “the 5G ecology of international communications needs to be built”. I was.

Zhang Biyong, president of Science and Technology Daily, said: The Daily has always upheld a scientific spirit when reporting on openness and innovation, digital security, ecosystem protection and climate change, influencing the international media in an objective way, clearing up misconceptions and We strive to make the whole world better informed. Chinese We present scientific progress and enlightened solutions, and actively promote the building of communities that share the future of humanity. ”

Zhang Changbin, Director of Science and Technology Bureau of Heilongjiang Province and Zhang Chunjiao, President of Heilongjiang Daily Group, attended the forum and offered their views on the local multimedia industry.

The Important Role of 5G in Communications

S&T Daily Editor-in-Chief, Xu Zhilong said that the building of 5G ecology has reached a golden opportunity. With the enhancement of 5G technology, the structure of media and the ability to collect and disseminate information have changed accordingly, requiring strong international communication power. Chinese I heard a voice.

Zhang Jingan, director of the China Science and Technology System Reform Association, said:Chinese Development needs the world and the world needs the world China. Important to let the world know China through the media. It is of great significance to build a circle of friendship on the Belt and Road through the media. 5G technology should be used to help more foreign friends understand and support China, to be an indispensable force for world peace and development. ”

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Kōmyōho, Zhao Jianguo “5G has brought new opportunities to the changes in mainstream media. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and other cutting-edge technologies will bring modern communication networks to a whole new level for news production and transmission. ”, Ultra HD, 5G live streaming and VR will lead to greater innovation in transmission, constantly improving the influence of mainstream media. Technology-enhanced news chains are infinitely expanded by media convergence. These are all tools that enable international communication. ”

Sun Shangwu, deputy editor-in-chief of China Daily, also commented, “As a media person, we should first focus on mobile communication, enhance immediacy, China And the rest of the world spreads faster and farther. Second, we need to make interactions more social and interactive, making them more approachable and accessible. Third, focus on visualization, make it more vivid, China・Foreign exchange becomes more active. ”

New requirements for international communications in the 5G era

Dean of Modern Academy China and Yu Yunquan of World Studies said: Especially the planning ability of information services. Third, accelerate the depth of integration with the technology industry and better meet the needs of the audience.

All-media, intercultural and multilingual targeted communication will be the new trend of the information age.

Vasily Pushkov, Director of International Cooperation at Sputnik News Agency and Radio, said: With participants from all over the world, bilateral online meetings with partners have become commonplace. ”

Zhao ShaPR Newswire’s China Media Development Director, said, “People working in the media industry pay close attention to the data they receive from their audience. An increase in the number of videos viewed, shared, liked and played is It has a direct impact on the industry as a whole.”

5G will power the media industry of the future

Emilio Saldaña, Head of Science and Technology for TV Channel 22 Mexico “5G technology’s high speed transmission and ultra-low latency will revolutionize the digital media industry, especially in two aspects: how news is collected and distributed. 5G technology will improve the ability of journalists to capture breaking news. We will help you create media products in a short period of time.With the proliferation of 5G technology, we will continue to optimize the delivery and experience of news in the digital age.”

Forum guest from Huawei, TencentZTE and Qualcomm also elaborated on the various channels and ways that technology can help improve international communication capacity from the perspective of 5G application technology, and described the immersive news multi-sensory experience.

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