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Yidu Tech Releases 2022 ESG Report, Using Socially Beneficial Technologies to Drive Sustainable Development of "Green Healthcare"

Hong Kong, August 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The digital economy, powered by innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (“AI”) and big data, has become one of the most powerful drivers of economic growth since the outbreak of COVID-19. Chinese The core strategy of “Digitalization, Intelligence, Innovation”. The value of a public health management model enhanced by digital technology and AI is being further validated in the response to the pandemic. Edu Tech Co., Ltd. (“Yidu Tech” or “Company”, stock code: 2158.HK) recently released its 2022 ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Report (“Report”). This report outlines how healthcare intelligence industry leader Yidu Tech proactively responds to the 14th Five-Year Plan for Digital Economy Development and continues to improve its ESG governance structure . Yidu Tech empowers supply-side intelligent transformation using technologies such as AI, big data, and cloud computing to promote “green healthcare” with accessible precision.

Emerging technologies will make healthcare accessible to everyone

Guided by a holistic ESG strategy and governance system, Yidu Tech incorporates the “concept of sustainable development” into its daily operations. According to the report, Yidu Tech is leveraging its technological advantages to create social value in scenarios such as epidemic response and population health care.

In terms of facilitating public health management, Yidu Tech provides solutions that enable infectious disease risk prediction and community health management in a more accurate and efficient manner. Especially in less economically developed regions, our solutions help authorities achieve efficient resource allocation and reduce mortality. The company’s predictive and simulation models have been validated in 18 cities, including: Beijing, NanjingWhen GuangzhouBased on a deep understanding of epidemiology and transmission rules of infectious diseases, advanced AI technology and algorithms can deal with all 40 infectious diseases defined by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (“China CDC”). In cooperation with the China CDC, we have also developed the “Overseas COVID-19 Data Analysis and Risk Assessment Platform” to help you make accurate decisions.

To improve people’s health and quality of life, Yidu Tech provides AI-driven automated management tools for diabetics to achieve personalized strategies and treatment plans for different users. A case study showed that average glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) values ​​in users decreased by approximately 1% after 12 weeks of intervention. In addition, Yidu Tech enables early prevention and treatment of chronic hepatitis B through healthcare intelligence. Our company deeply participated in his chronic hepatitis B early prevention and treatment project in Huazhou, China, cooperate with Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University and all levels of medical institutions in Huazhou to jointly establish a four-level hierarchical diagnosis and treatment model. The project will target her population of over 100,000 and accurately diagnose over 20,000 high-risk tumor patients at an early screening stage to prevent further transition from hepatitis B to cirrhosis and liver cancer. did. Implementation of this project will help to further explore models of chronic hepatitis B prevention and treatment in rural hospitals and communities, promoting accurate and proactive life cycle health management for rural populations.

To expand medical coverage and accessibility, Yidu Tech offers customized services. Hui Ming Bao The service is a city-level supplement to existing national health insurance for 22 cities, including Beijing 13 county-level cities Jiangsu This effectively improves protection for the elderly and critically ill patients and reduces the risk of financial hardship caused by the disease. The company used AI technology and insights on a wide range of diseases to provide technical services to relevant authorities in a city in the northern United States. China, the accuracy of existing states identified by the algorithm exceeds 90%.In addition, Yidu Tech provides operational services Hui Ta Baoa special comprehensive medical insurance product for critical illnesses designed specifically for women. Hui Ta Bao Correlate breast and cervical cancer screening results with claims to increase screening participation and provide women with protection against cancer.

In the field of supporting the research and development of new drugs, Yidu Tech can help pharmaceutical companies improve the accuracy of clinical trial design and reduce the cost of new drug research and development by utilizing its independently developed healthcare AI platform. Helpful. He assisted one of our partners in optimizing the R&D design of a new drug to treat a rare disease. As a result, the Phase II clinical trial was shortened by approximately 20 months.during the period March 31, 2022the company also assisted a major MNC client in a Phase III clinical trial in cardiovascular disease, successfully doubling recruitment efficiency and reducing screening failure rates by 60%.

Compliant Operations to Build a Strong Foundation for Security

In the area of ​​compliance, Yidu Tech has invested heavily in the areas of privacy and data security and is one of only three healthcare technology companies in the United States. China It will be certified by the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT) for its secure multi-party computing and federated learning capabilities.during the period March 31, 2022, the company has accumulated 1,111 registered patents and 558 granted patents, with 251 newly registered patents and 130 newly granted patents. In addition, the Medical Data Intelligent Platform Core Module and Special Disease Intelligent Scientific Research Platform Core Module developed by Yidu Tech have passed the evaluation of the China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center (CNITSEC) and obtained the independent original product evaluation certificate. and Yidu Tech has become the first healthcare. A technology company has successfully obtained this certification.

Full commitment to innovation and green operations

In addition to implementing sustainable business operations, Yidu Tech has integrated the concept of green development into YiduCore’s daily operations, actively promoting energy conservation and emission reduction to reduce negative impacts on the environment. With the rapid development of cloud computing and big data, the energy consumption requirements of data centers are becoming higher and higher, making the construction of green data centers an important reflection of Yidu Tech’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. It is Leveraging a large pre-trained language model can further improve model effectiveness by 5%-10% on some tasks, reduce the amount of annotations by 80%-90%, and significantly improve data processing efficiency. To do. Most of Yidu Tech’s current data center servers use platinum power supplies with an energy consumption rate of 0.94, saving energy and reducing emissions.

Promote employee well-being and create a fair, diverse and shared future

Yidu Tech has continued to build a fair, diverse and inclusive work environment to ensure that female employees are given equal opportunities for career development and influence at all levels. Women make up more than half of our total workforce, and our boards are gender-equal, which is far higher than the global average.[1]At the senior level, both CEOs and CFOs are women. Yidu Tech also listened to the voices of employees and implemented the “Tanpopo Project” to spread the Group’s “Nature and Kindness” culture to cities across the country. This project Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Nanjing, Shanghai Increases a sense of belonging among urban employees.

In the future, Yidu Technology will resolutely carry out the mission of “making value-based precision medicine accessible to everyone” and use its technological advantages to provide more accurate and efficient medical services. , reduce the waste of medical resources and reduce medical expenses. The cost of developing new drugs to build a greener future with the power of technology.

[1] According to the Women on Boards: 2021 Progress Report published by MSCI, 22.6% of board members in the MSCI ACWI Index in 2021 were women.

About Yidu Tech Inc.

Founded in 2014, Yidu Tech Inc. (“Yidu Tech”, Stock Code: 2158.HK) has focused on the development and application of healthcare intelligence since its inception. The group solves pain points for intelligent applications in his three major healthcare scenarios: public health, research, diagnostics and treatment, and empowers the industry through healthcare intelligence infrastructure to ensure safe, accessible, We are focused on facilitating the creation of value-based healthcare. medical system.of January 2021Yidu Tech was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Yidu Tech mainly operates in three business divisions: big data platform and solutions, life science solutions, and health care platform and solutions, with a focus on medical and clinical research, health care, public health management, and innovative pharmaceuticals. promote and support the development of We are leading the industry in reducing costs and improving efficiencies with the aim of democratizing value-based precision medicine.


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