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World-class technology giga event held in Vietnam


July 29th, blockchain Communities inside and outside Vietnam I had the opportunity to meet you globally blockchain 2022, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. created a playground to share and showcase products, technologies, solutions, etc. in the field of blockchain.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Aug 4, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SPAC3SHIP JOINT STOCK COMPANY — Blockchain Global Day 2022 will feature the theme “Into the Infinity Con-Verse” and will only take place on July 29 It was held, but attracted thousands of participants. Man. Exhibitors visited and experienced the latest blockchain space project information booth, simulated in a colorful setting and a large 3D cube. The central stage features a monumental spaceship design, while LED screens display several famous blockchain projects.

Panel talks by leading panelists and speakers Hosted on the Grand Stage (pictured) and streamed live via Facebook.

The exhibition includes Aethr, Topebox, Football Battle, Puffgo, MetaDOS, Aspo World, Mineverse, Binance, CoinEx,, Pandora, Antpad, Realbox, M3TA, Sustainations DAO, GALL3RY, Sway Commerce, MoonLab, OpenliveNFT, etc. . In addition, famous investment funds such as Vina Capital Ventures and Ventory Labs also participate.

The event will promote Vietnam’s blockchain industry, inspire and encourage Vietnamese start-ups to succeed in global blockchain competition, and help communities reach and benefit from the latest blockchain technology applications. , thereby optimizing the benefits of blockchain for Vietnam’s society and economy.

The event will also be held to remove issues that hinder the development of blockchain, from lack of public awareness, lack of talent to capital and legal basis. Therefore, we have created “touchpoints” that connect all stakeholders in the blockchain field to promote blockchain products in our daily lives, gradually remove stereotypes in the community, and reposition blockchain technology.

In addition, Blockchain Global Day 2022 will create conditions for domestic and foreign companies to showcase their products and interact with technology experts around the world, thereby developing business, transferring technology, and promoting blockchain. Improve the quality of products and services in the field. We are helping Vietnamese businesses to access and connect investment funds, future talent, and gradually formulating a complete legal framework on blockchain.

The final round of the Blockchain Global Pitching Contest was held on the center stage of the event. Many project owners presented their ideas directly to representatives of well-known investment funds in Vietnam. Winners will receive up to $30,000, media sponsorships, technical advice, and legal assistance from key experts.

According to Nguyen Dang Quynh Anh, COO of SPAC3SHIP, cooperation is a prerequisite at the moment. Governments, institutions, investment funds and companies need more opportunities to reach out to their partners. Once the last doubts about blockchain’s potential are dispelled and the necessary resources are finally found, there is good reason to believe that Vietnam’s blockchain projects will make a breakthrough, and the world will We might even see the next technological unicorn.

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