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Will sponsoring a team help my small business? Yes, here's why.

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As a small business owner, you may have been asked to sponsor something by a person, charity, institution, or group. Youth sports teams, concerts in parks, online events, and more.

The group assumes small businesses have a built-in audience and financial means to help underwrite events.

They want you, but do you want them?

You should consider saying yes for six very good reasons, including good karma and increased visibility in your community. , can generate sales.

1. Sponsorship creates goodwill

Goodwill is important, even essential, but a bit amorphous. Essentially, it’s the reputation your business has with the community at large and especially with your customers.

People like and appreciate businesses that can sponsor an event. Sponsorships co-brand your business at the event and, in most cases, improve your business’ reputation.