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Who will be the next Anthony Joshua? Delicious Olier fends off the pressure at the Commonwealth Games.boxing news

Delicious Olier is already being touted as the next Anthony Joshua. The weight of expectations on his shoulders will only grow if he succeeds at the Commonwealth Games in his hometown of Birmingham.

Joshua was an Olympic gold medalist and inspired Olier to take up the sport before becoming a world heavyweight champion and boxing superstar. and is aiming for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

At Birmingham 2022, Olier will have to shrug off the pressure that comes with being billed as the next Joshua.

“I was initially inspired by Anthony Joshua. That’s what I want to be and I wanted to emulate that. So I expected that. I spent my whole life trying to be able to It’s really not a surprise to me because I’ve worked hard to achieve these things,” Orie said. sky sports.

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Olympic bronze medalist Fraser Clarke believes Robert Garcia has total control over Anthony Joshua’s camp.

“There is pressure there, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like every athlete, top athlete, goes through this pressure. It’s about being able to demonstrate your performance. Level.”

As a boxer, I would like to open up my own path and build my own style.

“I’m starting to feel that way myself. I’ve been boxing competitively for five or six years now, and I’ve developed my own style to suit me and to compete all over Europe in GB Boxing. You can feel that you are out.

The competition begins for him on Thursday with his opening match against Trinidad and Tobago’s Nigel Paul.

“Nothing changes when you’re in the ring. Stick to your game plan and come out victorious,” Orie said. “I stick to the game plan. I get the job done, celebrate later, and absorb the experience upfront.”

Fluent in Russian, Ollie was born in a town near Moscow and moved with her parents to Birmingham at an early age. He is very proud to represent England in his boxing tournament at the Commonwealth Games which is located 5 minutes from the university where he studied and 20 minutes from his home.

The atmosphere he is sure will be exciting, especially if he reaches the 92+ kg final. “It’s really exciting to be here. Friends and family have no excuse not to come,” said Ollier.

“A lot of support. I know it’s going to be packed, especially in the finals. I know there won’t be any space at all. So it’s definitely going to be a night to remember. But I’ll take it. Obviously. To, the final stage I want to be, but I’m taking it step by step.

“I would like to say that I am mentally prepared in terms of the crowd, the cheers and the support, but it is something I have never experienced before.

“I will never forget this moment.”

It’s so different from the last time he boxed in England. That was in nearby Cannock in 2019 when he boxed for England against Scotland against now-pro heavyweight Nick Campbell.

“It was one of the many matches we fought together. It was our fourth and last match and I think the fourth time I beat him. Boxing in England.” That was the last time I did it. It’s been a long time. It’s been a long time. [the Commonwealths] It could have been anywhere in London, not just England. It may be in the north, but it’s here in Birmingham, so it’s really exciting.

“This event is something I look back on year after year.”

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Boxing trainer Gary Logan and heavyweight Fraser Clark break down what Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk need to do ahead of their fight at Sky Sports.

He has been favored to win gold at Birmingham, but under the advice of Olympic bronze medalist and former Commonwealth Games gold medalist Fraser Clarke, has called it “the most you’ve ever participated in.” It’s a difficult tournament, and we treat it as the toughest tournament.”

“It pushes you into camp and leaves you no stone unturned in training,” explained Olier.

Clark was his “mentor” for this competition.

“Me and Fraser have been talking about this Commonwealth Games, this particular Commonwealth before the Olympics,” Ollier said.

“He was telling me how many opportunities this competition would give him and the fact that I got it in my hometown, I couldn’t stand any better. rice field.

“Frays gave me a lot of advice. I’m going to replicate what he did at the Commonwealth Games when he won the gold medal.”

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