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Tickets: Everton (H) - Leeds United

Today, you can find ticket information and on-sale dates for the Premier League home game against Everton at Elland Road on Tuesday August (8 pm).

Tickets will be released on the dates below.

Everton Sales Information:

We highly recommend purchasing your tickets online to avoid disappointment. If you apply online, you will only be able to purchase game tickets if you have the correct level of membership.

everton sale

Phase 1 – Tuesday 9th at 1pmth August

– Miles Priority Member

– Reserved Allocation – Sold on a first-come, first-served basis

Phase 2 – Wednesday 10th at 1pmth August

– All My Rees Members

– Reserved Allocation – Sold on a first-come, first-served basis

Phase 3 – Wednesday 10th at 5pmth August

– Ticket exchange office open

– General Admission Season ticket holders unable to attend this fixture can return their seats online by visiting the ‘My Account’ option.

Phase 4 – Online Voting

– Voter registration opens at 9am on Thursday 11thth August

– Voting closes at midnight on Friday the 12thth August

– Voting and winners notified around 15 Mondayth August

– All My Leeds members who were unable to purchase a ticket in either Phase 1 or 2 can register to vote.

– reserved allocation – sold via voting system

Phase 5 – Ticket Redemption Sales

Seats returned by Season Ticket Holders through Ticket Exchange will be sold in the following order:

– Thursday 18th at 10:30amth August – My Leeds Priority & My Leeds+ Member

– Friday the 19th at 10:30amth August – All My Leeds Members

Phase 6 – Ticket Transfer

– Monday 22nd from 9amnd In August, the game’s new ticket transfer feature will be available online

– General Admission Season ticket holders can transfer their season ticket seat to another supporter as a mobile ticket if they are unable to attend an individual match. However, the supporter transferring the ticket must be linked to her ticket account via the “My Friends & Family” option and be a 2022/23 member.

Further information

This match is a Category A fixture. click here View ticket prices for 2022/23 general admission games.

When purchasing home match tickets online, you must select the correct price type (eg Adult, Junior U16) based on your age on the day of the match.

For more information or if you have any questions, feel free to contact the Leeds United Ticket Office on 0371 334 1992.

Changes to West Stand Ticket Office opening hours

As the majority of match tickets are sold online, the West Stand Ticket Office is currently only open during Phase 1 and Phase 2 sales periods and home matchdays. This will begin immediately and the review will continue.

Mobile ticket – New!

All fans can receive their mobile tickets for the 2022/23 season on their smartphones.

Mobile tickets are the safest, most convenient and flexible way to pick up tickets for matches, with added security and protection against fraud, and are the club’s long-term goal to reduce the use of paper and plastic in stadiums. Part of a sustainability plan.

Fans will receive match tickets from the club via email. Your confirmation email will contain a link to download your match tickets directly to your smartphone.

For mobile ticket details and frequently asked questions, click here.

Online Voting – New!

All 2022/23 members who were not able to purchase a ticket in Phase 1 or 2 can apply for online voting.

If you want to vote/seat with friends and family, you should register them all in one application. Each member can register to vote only once. The maximum number of members in a ballot application is 10.To apply for a friend or family member, in your online ticket account[My Friends & Family]A friend or family member must be linked to your account through the options.

It is imperative that you select the correct age group for each applicant to vote.

Primary applicants are required to enter their credit/debit card details when submitting their ballot application. Payments will not be processed at the time you register to vote.

Please note that when you register to vote, you will be given the option to choose “General Seating” or “Family Area” seating. If you win, you will automatically be assigned a seat in one of the general admission stands by our automated voting system. To apply for the Family Area, you must meet the Family Area criteria of no more than two adults per concession.

After the vote registration deadline has passed, ballots will be drawn at random. Supporters who win the vote will automatically have their credit/debit card charged for the total ticket cost (including booking fees) and lead applicants will receive a confirmation email with their mobile her ticket.

If you do not receive an email, you were not successful.Supporters can access the[マイ アカウント]You can use the options to see if your vote was successful.

Voting is done on a game-by-game basis.

Ticket Transfer – NEW!

General Admission season ticket holders can now transfer their season ticket seats as mobile tickets to another supporter if they are unable to attend an individual match. However, the supporter transferring the ticket must be linked to his account via the “My Friends & Family” option and be a 2022/23 My Leeds member.

Seats can be transferred to My Leeds members of the same price type at no additional charge. Example: Adult Season Ticket Holder to Adult My Leeds Member.

You can also upgrade your ticket as part of the ticket transfer process. For example, a junior season ticket holder can be upgraded to an adult My Leeds member for her. This scenario incurs an upgrade fee to pay. Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer seats in downgrade situations (e.g. Adult to Junior).

This new scheme is only available for season ticket holders to transfer seats on their season ticket. A My Leeds member cannot transfer tickets to her other My Leeds member.

To transfer your ticket, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your online ticket account
  2. Once logged in, under your name in the upper right corner[チケット]Select an option.
  3. Select the relevant game,[チケットを転送]Click the button.
  4. Game and seat details are displayed.[チケットを転送]Click the button.
  5. Select the ticket’s new owner and click the dropdown to select a member from your friends and family list
  6. Select a new fare type for the member (Adult, Senior, etc.)[チケットの転送]Click.
  7. Your ticket will appear in your basket and the price difference will be shown here (e.g. Junior to Adult)[チェックアウトに進む]Click
  8. You will also see a confirmation of where the ticket will be forwarded to. If correct,[次へ]Click.
  9. Click to agree to the Terms of Service and[送信]Click.
  10. The season pass will be voided for season ticket holders. An email will be sent to the season ticket holder and a confirmation email containing the mobile ticket will be sent directly to the member.
  11. Ticket transfer complete!

General Admission Season ticket holders can give up their seats to My Leeds members until the turnstiles open on game days.

New ticketing platform

Before tickets for a match go on sale, supporters should familiarize themselves with the new online system and verify that all personal information (including email address) in their ticket account is correct. All members are required to create a list of their friends and family on the new platform so that they can purchase tickets on behalf of other supporters. Supporters are strongly encouraged to create a list of friends and family before applying for tickets to a match.

Please note that you will not be able to purchase tickets on behalf of other supporters online or through the ticket office unless you have created a list of friends and family.

Click here to access the new system and a step-by-step guide on how to create your friends and family list.

This guide should help answer your questions, but if you have further questions, email us on 0371 334 1992 and we’ll always be happy to help. Also Inquiries about hospitality.

Exclusive Online Access – NEW!

The new Seatgeek platform now lets you restrict online access to your home games. This means that supporters who are not eligible to purchase tickets will not be able to log in to access the seating chart and select seats. This new feature ensures that only fans who are eligible and have the appropriate level of membership will be able to access home games when tickets go on sale.

Accessible Seats Now Available Online – New!

Supporters with disabilities who are registered with the club will be able to purchase home match tickets for themselves and their personal assistants online. In order to purchase online, supporters with disabilities must provide proof of disability to the club’s Disability Liaison at in advance.

Supporters with disabilities and their personal assistants are[Friends & Family]It should be linked via options. For more information on how to link friends and family, click here.

All designated accessible seats will be shown as available online only to eligible supporters who purchase these tickets.

ticket exchange

The popular ticket exchange will continue for the 2022/23 season.

The LUFC Ticket Exchange gives all general admission season ticket holders the opportunity to sell their seats to the club after each match if they are unable to attend their home league match.

By using a ticket exchange, you are helping the club to fill the stadium as full as possible at each home fixture, but you can also receive *100% of the ticket cost in exchange.

To resell your seat, log into your online ticket account and[マイ アカウント]Please click on the.[アラート]in the section[チケット交換]Options are displayed. You can check the seat status here.

General Admission Season ticket holders can immediately return to their seats until the gates open on game days.

* Each time the club is able to resell a seat to a season ticket holder, the season ticket holder will receive online ticket credit. This is prorated against the season ticket price. As games are played, credits are automatically added to your ticket account, and credits accumulate over the course of a season and can be redeemed for season tickets for the next campaign. For Premier League home games, the season ticket holder will receive the amount of the season ticket divided by his 19 games.

Match ticket refund policy

Match tickets may be returned to the ticket office for a refund up to 24 hours prior to kick-off (excluding booking fees). Returned tickets will be resold through the Leeds United Ticket Exchange.

Booking fee

The online booking fee remains £1.00 per ticket. Tickets purchased via the Call Center will incur a £1.75 per ticket booking fee.

For more information or if you have any questions, feel free to contact the Leeds United Ticket Office on 0371 334 1992.