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Technology solutions that enhance employee experience and improve patient outcomes

Workforce management solutions from DXC and SAP help healthcare organizations manage teams while focusing on employee well-being and ability to deliver quality care

San Antonio, August 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Healthcare providers may find it difficult to support care teams and manage more healthcare workers, especially during periods of high stress and peak demand . Frost & Sullivan, a Growth Pipeline Company™, unveiled a panel-based think tank to explore these challenges and discuss ways to focus on improving work-life balance and well-being for care teams. It is hoped that this will improve outcomes and the safety of the care provided.

Frost & Sullivan’s Latest Executive Summary, The health of medical staff is the new top priority, highlights how different healthcare market dynamics—the combination of external, internal, and technology-oriented forces—affect priorities, needs, and prospects for health services and solutions. It also shows how progressive technological changes provide analytics for databases, enabling ways to deliver the innovative solutions, applications, and systems needed to improve patient and staff engagement. increase.

To access Frost & Sullivan’s on-demand think tank, Healthcare staff health is the new top priorityplease click here.

To download the think tank’s executive summary, click here.

according to Daniel RupperConsulting Director—Healthcare & Life Sciences, Frost & Sullivan, “Healthcare workers operate under great stress, focusing on many shifting priorities and activities during normal workdays. Donor managers need to support their teams by listening, responding, and supporting them in addressing their mental health and wellbeing.”

“Many providers have learned not to repeat the same mistakes that have led to staff burnout and turnover,” said Ruppar.

All panelists agreed that healthcare organizations must enable information technology (IT), tools, and other solutions that enable them to manage their workforce while addressing burnout and mental health issues Did.offerings such as DXC’s Workforce Suite for Healthcare with SAP® solution We work to bridge the gap between care team needs and improving patient outcomes through innovative technology.

  • It enables a holistic approach to support staff needs (personalized) to improve employee experience and engagement, helping to achieve healthcare goals and care team well-being.

  • Leverage digital tools and software applications to support workforce management including talent management, recruitment, retention, development and employee experience.

  • Evaluate talent pool skills and proficiency to gain a holistic understanding of competencies and competencies to better utilize staff across disciplines.

  • Support your employees with available career paths, professional development, education, and certifications.

  • Build capacity by arranging learning and training more effectively.

  • Implement IT solutions for workforce management to facilitate employee development and retention.

  • Effectively use digital solutions for holistic staff performance management.

“Healthcare providers must balance the needs of their organization with those of their employees, as the well-being of the healthcare team impacts patient outcomes,” he said. Michael Bitzkowski, Global Vice President and Healthcare Industry Head at SAP. “Evaluating and optimizing your workforce, supporting them with the right tools and technology, and putting them at the center of your organization’s readiness are necessary to prepare for future disruptions.”

To view the “Health of Healthcare Staff is the New Top Priority” think tank on demand, click here.

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