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Pastors, business owners running for Vacaville City Council to encourage solutions - The Vacaville Report

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In recent years, Christian Scott has watched the activities of the Vacaville City Council from the sidelines.

What he saw was not much progress on key issues, he said.

“Working outside of the Governing Body, I found that I didn’t see much meaningful change in the issues I was working on, such as solving the city’s homeless problem and financial accountability through the budget,” he said. said.

Scott also felt that his district, District 4, was one of the most neglected, not only because of its parks and services, but because it was kept clean.

“Driving around town, everything looks fine until you get to District 4,” he said. “There are weeds and garbage by the road and a dilapidated fence. using.”

Ultimately, Scott said, “we got to a point where we decided that to make meaningful change, we needed to do it from within the system.”

Thus, Scott prepared papers to run for a seat in Vacaville’s 4th City Council District. Alderman Nolan Sullivan did not run for another term because he was promoted to Yolo County Director of Health and Human Services. So far, Jason Castle and Kristen Navarro are also doing paperwork for the seat.

Scott’s desire to see change dates back to his college days. He said he had some issues he wanted to see his school’s student council address, and began attending his board.

“(We) went through some tough times and it’s been a good experience,” he said.

Scott, 50, is the owner of the Advanced Leak Detection Pool & Spa and pastor of The Mission church on Leisure Town Road. Through his work as a minister, he became passionate about finding solutions for the unhoused.

“We spent millions of dollars on the homeless and the only thing that changed was more police cracking down on the homeless,” he said. “We didn’t get any solution. I proposed to the council, but it really seems to be one ear and the other.”

Scott began gathering resources a few years ago, converting 90 acres of land off Interstate 80 northwest of Vacaville into a small homestead area to provide farms and livestock for a small community, and for residents. wants to be self-sufficient. He also has volunteer dentists, barbers and mental health clinicians serving him.

A similar small shelter project was approved by the Solano County Board of Supervisors off Brown Street, but was scrapped after opposition from residents and the city council. Scott said the project, if approved, would move outside city limits, and he believes it would be beneficial in providing shelter and services.

“Obtaining this land and building small homes will make our downtown business areas cleaner, our neighborhoods cleaner, reduce the homeless population from drug and alcohol sources, and enable rehabilitation.Education and provide them with everything they really need to get the support they need to be productive citizens,” he said.

Scott also wants the council to take a more conservative approach on budget issues.

“We can’t overstate the importance of being financially responsible and transparent about how we spend our money,” he said.

Scott believes that money allocated for budget items should be spent on those items and not for other purposes.

“If I can get a seat on the council, I can be on these committees and impact some change, transparency, financial responsibility, and meaningful change in our community. .

District 4, located in the city center, is the smallest geographically. It is located between Alamo Drive and Marshall Road/Hume Way and consists of all or part of Peabody Road, Nut Tree Road, Shasta Drive and Tulea Drive. A complete map of District 4 can be found at

In District 2, incumbent Congressman Greg Ritchie was the only candidate to withdraw his paperwork, and incumbent Congressman Janet Wylie withdrew his paperwork to run for District 6. In the latter election, Tapak Chastain and Jennifer House also retracted their paperwork. Joseph Green drafted papers to run for mayor. Incumbent Mayor Ron Rowlett has said he will not seek re-election.

Incumbent candidates have until August 12th to declare their candidacy, while non-incumbents may submit by August 17th. The general election he is November 8th.

The current list of candidates is posted at