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Nintendo Switch Games Offer Free Switch Online 12-Month Subscriptions At GameStop—Which Game?

GameStop is offering everyone the chance to own a Nintendo Switch game and a 12-month Switch Online subscription on the platform’s current offer. Luckily, these titles are among the top Nintendo games that most gamers enjoy and are highly rated by the public, and are available to everyone with an additional subscription and discounted rates from the company. It is now

GameStop Nintendo Games comes with a Switch Online subscription

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GameStop currently has five Nintendo games available for purchase worldwide, with an exclusive deal to offer Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions for 12 months. Instead of paying an additional $20 for an annual subscription to Switch Online, users can get it right along with the game at no additional cost.

It offers gamers big savings and offers further discounts on other games on top of the deals they offer. is an attractive service for gamers of

There is one small problem with this. Switch Online subscriptions only work for new account holders on Switch or those who do not have the games listed below (via ComicBook Gaming).

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Nintendo games: What titles are included in the sale?

All games included in this promotion from GameStop are under Nintendo distribution and development, primarily focused on the “Mario” franchise and other games. The title is:

Three of the titles here are on sale for a $10 discount off their original prices, and you can get Switch Online subscription giveaways from GameStop.

nintendo switch

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nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch Online Offers

Nintendo Switch Online is a massive platform for Switch owners and gamers, providing key services that help make the overall gaming experience available to the general public. One of the most famous experiences here is the availability of the NES, SNES, and SEGA Genesis experiences with your subscription.

Retrogaming players who have experienced it before or want to explore this experience are also eyeing the Switch Online offer, especially since it will also be available on the company’s other consoles. His N64 experience from Nintendo will also be available on the Nintendo Switch, giving the world an opportunity to diversify their games with past titles.

Not everyone can afford to buy a new game and subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online, but don’t worry, buying a new game gives you a one-year subscription. GameStop’s offer is open to everyone and aims to give the world an experience that meets the needs of the world and more in the coming weeks.

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