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Gaming Enthusiasts, Music Professionals and Former MMA Fighters Join Global Interactive Experience Platform to Lead Connection, Communication and Immersion

Pioneering technology veteran 4Players has announced the appointment of industry leader Patty Toledo as its first Director of Marketing. Patty is preparing to launch a new product that will allow game developers to create engaging metaverse-enabled player experiences. She brings her considerable skills to 4Players and is much loved. Drive marketing strategies to take your brand into the future.

Patty’s vision is to bring innovative gaming solutions to the furthest corners of the planet by expanding 4Players’ market and geographic reach while moving the brand into a new era. With a very established career in the gaming industry, Patty was given the opportunity to build a new marketing strategy to showcase all the great products 4Players has to offer. 4Players has been with her for over 20 years and is well versed in the gaming industry, focused on building teams that can add value to the company while creating great synergies. 4Players quickly recognized the value Patty brings to her new growth. Rebranding and building a new identity for the company and launching a revolutionary new product was one of her first goals.

Patty has an impressive background spanning multiple industries and exemplary experience. She used to be an MMA fighter and music producer, and after working with some of the world’s biggest artists like Bon Her Jovi, Metallica, and Iron Her Maiden, she turned to the games industry, where found her true vocation. Now she’s got a significant new role in her 4Players and is definitely making a mark.

4 Players Marketing Director Patty Toledo said: 4Players is a unique gaming technology company that understands what players value in their games and works with developers to create the best possible user experience. They are visionaries and we share the same ideology that we want to build our brand, bring it to life and share it with the world!”

4Players is co-shaping the evolution of gaming, giving developers an easy way to integrate immersive social experiences based on voice and data into their games. 4Players leverages its global server network to create real-time, cross-platform interactive experiences with audio and video. This innovative technology is metaverse-aware, reliable, affordable, and has an SDK for quick and easy integration. The 4Players tool takes privacy and data protection to a new level. Players do not need to register any personal information and data remains anonymous, giving users peace of mind.

4Players CEO Phillip Schuester said: Her knowledge, skills and experience are unmatched in the gaming industry and are incredibly valuable to 4Players.

“We have created great tools for developers to make gaming experiences more immersive and less confusing.By bringing Patty on board and bringing her diverse background and expertise, we are reaching a wider market. and support creative minds around the world.”