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King of the Reach, Red Eagle Tales of Tribute Patron Guide

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Players can choose from eight Patrons. elder scrolls online‘s new card game Tales of Tribute, Red Eagle is one of the few names players will recognize. Red Eagle is known among his TES fans for the quest and sword that bears his name. skyrimand his deck is tied to taking the fat out of strategy.

RELATED: Elder Scrolls Online: Beginner’s Guide to Tales of Tributeof elder scrolls onlinedeckbuilder players take turns acquiring cards from a shared pool. This means that your deck can become bloated with cards you don’t need. So having a faster way to cut cards and get the ones you want is very useful. To earn this deck, you must complete the Roister’s Club questline and ranks.

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Red Eagle, King of the Reach: Patron Overview

  • Favorable: Pay 2 power. take a card
  • neutral: Pay 2 power. He draws a card and gains preferential status.
  • Unfavorable: Pay 2 power. Draw a card and gain Neutral status.

ESO’s Red Eagle deck has a very clear focus on reducing deck fat to make combos and interactions happen more often. Most of the cards in this deck have effects that allow players to remove cards from the Tavern or completely destroy their own cards. This seems counterintuitive, but being able to get rid of unnecessary cards can make a Tales of Tribute deck very efficient.

King of the Reach Red Eagle’s Patron abilities are the same for each level of Favored status. By paying 2 power, a player can draw a card, and if the player is neutral or disadvantaged, their stats are increased by one step. This simple interaction works wonders with the deck itself, as players can get more combos each turn as long as they can generate power.

The Best Cards and Combos of the Red Eagle Deck

name action type play effect combo coin cost upgrade source
blood sacrifice Agreement Gain 3 power and destroy 1 card on the field or in your hand 2: Draw a card 6 Bloody Offering
Hagraven Matron Agent Destroy 1 card in the field or hand 2: Gain 3 Power 9 Hagraven
imperial plunder Agreement Remove up to 2 cards from the tavern 2: Earn 1 coin 3 imperial loot
Curse Manhunter Agent gain 1 power 2: Destroy one card in the field or hand Five none
midnight raid usually 3 gain power 2: Gain 3 Power Four none

The main advantage of using the Red Eagle deck is that you can cull cards and trigger combos more often with your main Patron deck. The Hagraven Matron and Karth Man-Hunter cards can each generate power in addition to destroying cards in play or in the player’s hand. You can use this to draw cards with Patron abilities and trigger even more combos.

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The Blood Sacrifice Contract card is one of the most versatile cards in the deck, capable of generating 3 powers, destroying cards, and letting players draw cards. All of this can be done with just Combo 2. The Imperial Plunder Card is much cheaper and allows the player to control the tavern. In addition to spending more coins with the new options, the Midnight Raid card costs only 4 coins, and if he plays only one of his other Red Eagle cards, the player can gain up to 6 powers per turn. increase.

Strategies and synergies with other patrons

The main drawback of the Red Eagle deck is also its main strength. Most cards have an effect that removes cards from play in some way, but in the end there are no useless cards to remove from the deck. At this point the Red Eagle card becomes a bit useless. I recommend picking a different Patron first and branching out to Red Eagle later. This is because this gives you more time to select a pass before trimming the fat.

Red Eagle works well with almost all other Patrons, but it works especially well with Patrons with a lot of card draw and high-end combos. The Duke of Crows and Razin, Purling Liar decks are just that, both full of combo 3 and 4 cards and ways to continue the combo with card draw. When playing with a Red Eagle deck, don’t commit too early to a second patron or cull cards that might come in handy later. Wait a few turns to see what your deck looks like before committing to a Red Eagle card and getting rid of cards you no longer need.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isles Available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Stadia, Xbox One, Series X|S

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