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How QuilinX is revolutionizing tech staffing with top tech talent

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What’s a common pain point for technology-driven companies? Finding the right people to drive the business forward. As technology penetrates every industry and requires digital transformation, the demand for technical talent in the talent sector is skyrocketing, not only in IT companies, but across industries.

According to a study entitled The Future of Work: The Global Talent ShortageBy 2030, the world is expected to face a talent shortage of more than 85 million people, according to a study by management consulting firm Korn Ferry on the supply and demand of tech talent across countries and continents. This shortfall could result in approximately $8.5 trillion in annual unrealized revenue. .

In 2018, to solve this very existential crisis for companies operating in a competitive ecosystem, Harsh Singhan alumnus of the Indian Business School Hyderabad, Gautam Sethihis childhood friend and startup enthusiast, set up QuilinX, a team of developers serving startups and organizations looking to recruit skilled technical talent to build technical solutions. It is a technology platform aimed at building a community.

For developers, this is a platform for finding jobs that excite them and expose them to a wealth of career growth opportunities. This is a perfect combination done in the talent market. As Korn Ferry’s research shows, this is also a great opportunity to tap into the Indian talent market, making India the next technology leader and by 2030 he will have over 1 million highly skilled workers. of technology workers could become redundant.

Supporting growth from the core of the company

According to Gautam, technology depends primarily on the people who make it. Reliable and trustworthy resources are floating around in the marketplace, and there is virtually no specific place where you can get them. As such, Harsh’s experience providing talent to startups and my experience working with the entire talent space helped shape QuilinX.he adds.

Simply put, QuilinX is focused on recruiting techies, or Quilin’ians, who want to call themselves. Through various engagement models, they have been assigned to product engineering teams for multiple high-growth brands across India to bring their product visions to life. As such, Kuilin’s people demonstrate their skills and talents in all areas: fintech, cryptocurrencies, e-commerce, e-pharmacy, hospitality, and logistics.

With unicorns forming every month, working for them requires highly focused and targeted personnel. We seek to empower talented developers by providing relevant experience in fast-growing startups based on their technical skills and their aspirations. Where appropriate, we also provide technical training using standard training products. Hersh says.

Harsh also clarifies that they never supply tech contractors or freelancers. The positioning itself is different as 80% of our candidates have a Tier 1 educational background, have the right energy, attitude and skills, and promise opportunities to work with top startups and MNCs. In addition, he has to spend a year at the QuilinX post, where they are open to many opportunities. We aim to empower any Quillin person working at any company to outperform his in-house engineering team and create value for our customers.he explains.

looking for technical talent

Today’s tech talent space suffers from two major problems. There is a shortage of qualified engineers, and even the best engineers can have a hard time getting the jobs they want. Bad engineers are therefore unable to do their jobs, and good engineers are in relatively high demand. However, this mismatch is also the only reason our business exists.Hersh says.

QuilinX also launched “Bar Raiser,” a developer community for prominent funded startups to match talent with opportunity. It was intended to challenge engineering prowess and provide resourceful candidates for high-growth startups.

Further commenting on the system, Harsh adds: This model is immune to the ups and downs synonymous with startup functionality. If one industry shows signs of recession, developers can easily move to another startup working in another industry.

Our employees are our best public relations and our success is reflected in them. We want to introduce people and rather indulge in targeted marketing and that is how we are differentiated from our competitors.he says.

Citing testimony from the Quilin’ians, how does Harsh share Adil Shakri, B. Tech – IIT Roorkee, Ex. CGI has achieved its professional goal of working with the fintech sector without undergoing onerous evaluations. I got to work on top-notch projects, which gave me great exposure and helped me develop my skills. Adil said.

Hamshini Raman, Yuan.Added infosys,”I am a working mother and was looking for a remote opportunity where I could contribute professionally and spend more time with my family. QuilinX provided the best possible support So I was able to concentrate on my work and maximize my abilities.

finally, Tumati JagadeeshSDE -2, e.g. Amazon highlighted how QuilinX has secured the opportunity to work with top-notch leaders, teams and technology from some of India’s premier fintech companies. I had the opportunity to work at one of India’s top fintechs, working and learning from some of the smartest people in the field. said Tumati.

Talking about their strong referral program, gautam stock, For example, there is someone at IIT Roorkee who works with us. He is earning the desired salary and would be more than happy to introduce us to his friends and batchmates. So when someone succeeds, a referral program helps spread the word as far as the talent pool is concerned.

But how did QuilinX establish itself as a brand among the mostly funded and rapidly scaling start-ups? It was promoted by word of mouth through the network and earned its identity. Apart from LinkedIn, our employees at top engineering colleges have also helped us gain momentum. Of course, PR is a very strong medium that we’ve been using and we’ll continue to do so on a quarterly basis. add terrible.

Future roadmap

QuilinX’s growth model started in 2018 and is still in the pilot phase. With so much investment now going into the startup space, we need to understand how the tech startup market is shaping up so quickly. Therefore, we would like to gradually grow across borders and consider international expansion. We also focus on certain large organizations with R&D and technology departments, especially product companies known for their innovation and technology work.To tell Gautam.