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How Online Casinos and the Gaming Industry Are Intertwined – European Gaming Industry News

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Come to think of it, online casino games share many similarities with today’s board and video games. The only, and probably the biggest, difference between these two is that casino games always revolve around money, so the target audience is adults only.

However, it is clear that the gaming and iGaming industries are much more closely related than we thought. Additionally, modern video games often include a form of in-game gambling and vice versa. Let’s take a closer look at how these two industries are intertwined.

game type

If you’ve played a lot of video games, you’ve probably noticed that there are many different types and genres of games, some even featuring some form of gambling. Additionally, gambling games have gone digital, making it possible to play a wealth of casino games online without going anywhere. This was achieved with the help of technology, which later contributed to the development of the various types of games offered.

For example, if you’ve played any of the Witcher games, you know there are gambling-focused mini-games. While the first Witcher game offered dice poker, which shares similarities with traditional poker, The Witcher 3 offered Gwent, a surprisingly popular gambling card game. This relationship is a two-way street, as online casino providers and developers are creating more and more themed games featuring various popular video game titles. This has greatly expanded our gaming offerings and now offers a variety of games to suit everyone’s tastes.

shared responsibility

Both industries often require you to create an account to play, so these industries do their best to encourage safe and responsible gaming. There are a number of platforms and games that are played online that have some serious security measures in place to protect them. Additionally, the providers of these games will always keep personal information from being shared in in-game chats or anywhere on the platform. It warns people not to speak and encourages people to be careful with their own language while talking to others.

The same story is with online casino games. Since these games are played through the provider’s platform or app, security measures are mandatory to keep your data and personal information safe. Additionally, responsible gaming tools are available and integrated into these apps and platforms, and casinos are reminding people how to gamble responsibly. All reputable casinos encourage players to spend their money responsibly, know when to stop, take regular breaks, etc. Exactly the same rules apply to video games. I can do it. May they be safe and healthy.

Cipher Embrace

Cryptocurrencies have definitely started to reshape the world as we know it. Both the gaming and gambling industries have joined the cryptocurrency trend and today you can find a wide variety of providers that allow payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

While some platforms allow you to buy your favorite video games with Bitcoin, online casinos allow you to deposit and gamble with virtual currency in Bitcoin instead of traditional currency. This is a big step forward for both industries, especially the casino industry. Additionally, this trend allows anonymity and separates your bank account from everything.

VR technology

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that was first introduced in the gaming industry. Everyone was excited to bring their favorite video games to a more immersive and intense experience. This trend first started with horror games. If you like horror games, this is the perfect way to truly experience the thrill and adrenaline of these games.

Over the years, VR technology has slowly started to seep into the gambling industry. This offers all avid gamblers a much better experience as if they were actually playing their favorite game in a casino but sitting in the comfort of their own home. Moreover, the technology has been tested not only in traditional card games, but also in slot games. Net Entertainment recently released a demo of their popular fan-favorite slot game Jack and the Beanstalk. This release and evidence that online casino games are getting better with new technology will only push this industry further, resulting in more great games just getting better.

mobile game revolution

Many true gamers won’t admit that mobile games are actually games, but the mobile gaming revolution is here. This is where the gambling and gaming industries truly converge and today you can play just about any genre on your smartphone. and a significant innovation in mobile technology.

Additionally, people love to play both video games and casino games on the go or anywhere there is internet. This created a huge boom in the gambling industry. Especially since more players are now able to place bets and download their favorite casino games instantly. This has created some new opportunities for developers as it will make it easier for them to create any type of mobile compatible game.

social game

Social gaming includes playing games on social media such as Facebook. You usually play games with or against friends or other people on your network. While this type of game is not strictly gambling, it does have some similarities to the industry. Some games let you easily play casino-like games and earn rewards. Also, although it’s not real money, there is an element of luck that is a major component of casino games.

And the social aspect of the game has also permeated online casinos. Today, you can find various online casinos with live chat and live dealers. Through such games, you can interact with other people and even dealers just like you would play any other online game or play at a land-based casino.

In the old days, the difference between gaming and gambling was clear. However, this was largely due to the fact that the internet was not yet what it is today. Technology has greatly changed both industries, but the line between these two is often so invisible.