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Hospitality Technology Distribution Infographic: 2022

The Long-Term Hospitality Technology Delivery Infographic is a great way to understand how the hospitality technology industry has evolved over the years. The last few years have seen change and uncertainty across the industry as we navigated through the global pandemic. The great news is that many pre-coronavirus companies that we know and respect have weathered the storm. This chart shows many familiar logos and brands. This indicates a reliable technology partner who knows the industry and is ready to grow.

what have What has changed most of all is the automation. Brands that embrace this change will continue to lead the way next year. There are many exciting companies rethinking the way tour management business, meeting spaces and more. In this evolution of technology, many of our technology partners continue to innovate and we are pleased that the world of travel and hospitality is taking advantage of this transformative period to propel the industry to the next chapter. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

What is Hospitality Technology Distribution Infographic?

So what exactly is a chart? The Shiji Hospitality Technology Distribution Infographic serves as a tool to help visualize the current state of hotel and hospitality technology, how different providers fit together, and the relationships between hotels, guests, and each other. Originally designed with just the hotel technology industry in mind, it now offers a holistic view of hospitality technology.

When the Shiji Insights team began investigating ways to update their charts, they consulted Shiji Distribution Solutions, who have decades of experience in the field, to dig deeper into hospitality technology partners, vendors, and competitors in the market. did. So this year’s edition is probably the most comprehensive yet. Not all are included because most of the time they don’t all fit on his one chart.

Bottom line: Automation has grown tremendously since our last publication in 2021.

Click below to see the chart, or keep scrolling for a guide on how to read the chart.

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Hospitality Technology Distribution Infographic: 2022 — Source: Shiji
Hospitality Technology Distribution Infographic: 2022 — Source: Shiji

How to read hospitality technology distribution infographic

Hospitality technology distribution infographic starts from the center of the hotel and spreads outwards towards the guests. The graph is organized according to the data flow from hotels to guests via his three distribution groups: online, travel agents and tour operators, and meetings and events. Each ring that moves outward is a level of hospitality technology that builds on the last ring that reaches the guest.

For example, property management systems (PMS) connect to channel managers, channel managers connect to OTAs, OTAs connect to search engines for advertising, and finally guests.

Below, each section of the hospitality technology industry is explained from the inside out.

property management system

A property management system stores information and is the main hub of hotel data. Everything from available rooms to guest data.

hotel delivery tools

This section is software used to get rates, availability, inventory, images, text, etc. sent to various markets (OTA, GDS, etc.) to help you sell across all channels.

Aggregation platform

Aggregation platforms include common software such as revenue management systems, channel managers and central reservation systems. They collect information and put it together for others to use in their sales. For example, GDS aggregates rates and hotels, so travel agents can capture the information and use it in their sales.

Sales/reservation platform

These are marketplaces or self-service platforms such as OTAs where guests and end-buyers can come into direct contact and use it to make purchases. They are one of the most important sales channels, but before the data arrives, it needs to be structured and properly priced. The hotel website is also in this section.

marketing platform

A marketing platform is used to generate demand for the sales/booking platform. This is where you can advertise and communicate with potential guests and invite them as guests.

optimization tools

Finally, these are the tools you need to analyze your revenue, market, hotel, guest experience, and optimize what you are doing at the start of your workflow to improve future bookings and improve guest experience. helps you to make it.

2022 Hospitality Technology, Roundup

Hospitality technology distribution infographic is more important than ever. Out of the crisis, the first thing hotel brands should do is increase distribution and increase brand exposure. Now is the perfect time to make sure your entire distribution stack is stable and ready. See our chart by clicking the link below and use it to inform your own successful distribution strategy.

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