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Commonwealth Games: England's Elizabeth Byrd Wins Steeplechase Silver Medal

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Elizabeth Chicken came to win the silver medal
host: Birmingham date: July 28th to August 8th
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Elizabeth Chicken took silver in the exciting 3,000m steeplechase, while England took home five track and field medals on Day 8 of the Commonwealth Video Games.

At the last opportunity of the night, the Chicken overhauled the shattered Ugandan Perth Chemtai at the final turn and was urged by a motorized gangster across the road.

Nathan Maguire and Daniel Sidbury won gold and silver for the men’s T53/54 1500m title.

Naomi Metzger in the triple jump and Scott Lincoln in the shot put also won bronze medals.

Chicken got the impression that she was going to contend for the bronze, but when Kemtai hit a hurdle, she saw potential and started winning the floor.

“This crowd has been great,” said Chicken. “The last two laps I was using their vitality after trying to close the hole, so thank you to everyone who came out here.

“I used to be closer to gold, so I wish I had started the transition sooner, but I will take silver.”

Maguire won the gold medal alongside his fiancé Hannah Cockcroft. She won the women’s 100m T33/34 title on Wednesday. He then revealed what the event meant to him.

“It’s true that the able-bodied are on the same stage because they are so big,” he told BBC Sport.

“When I started, there was no parasports illustration or television protection. It is important.”

Metzger jumped 14.32 on the first jump and 14.39 on the third, breaking her private best twice to secure a medal.

Jamaica’s Shanyeka Ricketts won gold with a new Commonwealth report of 14.94m.

Bricklayer Lincoln scored a shot put bronze on his fifth throw of 20.57 m.

Hughes Impresses, But Jemili Struggles Again

England’s Jarnell Hughes won the 200 m semi-final in fashion and booked his place in Saturday’s final as the fastest qualifier, but Adam Jemilli missed out.

Hughes will face 2018 champion Jerem Richards of Trinidad and Tobago.

Hughes was barked across the bend by house followers and was able to calm down before crossing the road in 20.32 seconds.

he said: Because I believed they were near me. I ran a great race. “

Richards also advanced to the semi-finals without over-increasing himself by posting a 20.40.

Jemili started well, but dropped to fourth again after his time of 20.97 was not fast enough to qualify from the semi-finals, which was received by Udodi Onuzrike of Nigeria.

This is the latest disappointment for Jemili, who was eliminated at the World Championships in Eugene last month.

then he initially slammed the media highlight About controversial former coach Lana Ryder. He is being investigated by the U.S. Center for SafeSport following allegations of sexual misconduct that influenced his type and mindset.

The 28-year-old, who has been primarily based in Florida, Cut off from Ryder just days before video games.

“I know I had a point this year – it affected me,” Jemili said. There were many things.”

Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Heller won the 200m semi-final with a time of 22.63 seconds despite powering down in the final 20m.

Olympic silver medalist Christine Mboma of Namibia and Nigerian teenager Faber Ofili won two semi-finals against each other, but Scotland’s Beth Dobbin claimed her place in the final as the fastest loser. I made the reservation.

‘A chilly and messy run’ but Hudson-Smith ‘will get the job done’

Last month’s world bronze medalist, native Matthew Hudson-Smith, continued his spectacular form with a successful 400m semi-final.

“It was a cold and nasty run, but my job was to see it through to the end. I finished it,” he told BBC Sport.

“The first 50 meters weren’t very good, my feet were far and wide. I’m still a little tired with Eugene, but the crowd lifted me up, so I can’t complain.”

England’s Victoria Ohluog, coached by Sister Christine, delighted the gang with her 400m semi-final run of 51.34 seconds. Groupmates Ama Pipi and Jody Williams were also quickly qualified, but Scotland’s Zoe Clarke passed as she was the fastest loser, while Nicole Yergin missed out.

Muir on right track for Commonwealth double

In the morning session, Scotland’s Laura Muir finished fifth in the 1500m warmth to qualify for Sunday’s final.

She ran a grueling pace, running in 4:14.11 and reaching the 800m final on Saturday.

The Commonwealth Video Games medal is the only thing Muir is missing from her arsenal after finishing 11th in the 1500m in 2014.

“That’s the final episode. If you can get two instead of just one, it can be very special,” she said.

“It will be exhausting. The Commonwealth at these distances is basically sturdy, but it’s a great option to offer the best. Given that I’m very likely to be part of it, I hate sitting at home watching the finals.

Scottish teammate Gemma Leakey was certified alongside England’s Katie Snowden and Melissa Courtney Bryant.

England’s Cindy Sember won the 100m hurdles warm-up in 12.67 seconds on her 28th birthday. Meanwhile, in a long leap, teammates Jazmin Sawyers (6.80 m), Lorraine Ugen (6.79 m) and Abigail Irozul (6.59 m) all reached the final. .

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