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Commonwealth Games: Dame Laura Kenny Wins Gold for Team England in Velodrome Scratch Race | Commonwealth Games News

Dame Laura Kenny won Team England’s first gold medal at the Commonwealth Games velodrome. The 30-year-old produced a fantastic late surge to win the women’s 10 km scratch her race. Kenny said she struggled with her motivation and overcame her confidence crisis to join the track and race.

Last updated: 01/08/22 9:48pm

Dame Laura Kenny wins gold in Women’s Scratch Race at Lee Valley Vero Park

Dame Laura Kenny shared how she struggled with motivation and confidence after winning an impressive gold medal in the Women’s 10km Scratch Race at the Commonwealth Games.

Kenny showed her experience and fitness to attack the race late and take victory inside the Lee Valley Velo Park on Monday.

The 30-year-old also showed considerable composure during the race as he was suspended mid-race after a crash involving two riders. After his restart Kenny kept his focus and executed his unique race strategy flawlessly.

After winning the gold medal, Kenny spoke candidly about how he could relate to the sentiment shared by sports guru Adam Peaty the day before.

Peaty placed fourth in Sunday’s 100m breaststroke final. She just made an incredible recovery in Birmingham after breaking her leg 10 weeks ago.

The swimmer’s record at that distance was impeccable and the race was his first defeat at the distance in eight years and a major final.

“With the pressure of being an Olympic champion, a world record holder, having a baby, moving house, all these things, it’s incredibly difficult to do a five-year Olympic cycle,” he said. BBC.

“They’re not normal and it’s not normal for the brain to work 24/7 because it’s more than that.

Adam Peaty has made an amazing recovery to attend the Commonwealth Games.

Adam Peaty has made an amazing recovery to attend the Commonwealth Games.

“I go out and do what I can every day and train as hard as I can, but something is missing. In the last two years, I haven’t felt the spark in it. Burnout from the sport you love.

“And how can I find the spark again in Paris for the next two years? If it exceeds, it may exceed it. If not, happy days.”

Kenny has also gone through her own adversity over the past year after she shared she suffered an ectopic pregnancy in January and nearly decided to walk away from the sport as a result.

“I honestly can’t believe it,” I told Jace. [Jason Kenny] “I think this will be my last race,” said Kenny. BBC After winning the gold medal in the scratch race.

“I looked at Adam Peaty and completely replayed his interview and thought that was all I had. I lost my spark. Training is not that easy. Every day I was like, ‘Let’s do it again.’ “I think.

“I’m in three cycles of the Olympics now. It’s been a nightmare to keep recovering myself after this year is over. I’ve completely lost my motivation.”

“Then last night I was texting my new coach Ren…”

Kenny discusses the challenges he personally faced this year before returning to the Commonwealth track

Kenny discusses the challenges he personally faced this year before returning to the Commonwealth track

Kenny saw the race play out the way she wanted it to, after crashes in two sections and one rider being taken off the track on a stretcher, in a slow burst of speed. I moved.

Crashes in the women’s race aren’t the only things this Commonwealth Games has to offer. Sadly, the serious crashes involving riders were shocking, and Kenny shared how they affected her.

“Sunday left me in pretty bad taste, to be honest. I just wasn’t in the right mindset. Seeing Matt Walls crash like that was really like, ‘What am I doing?’ Is it?” makes me think. I’ve been very lucky.In my entire career, I’ve broken one shoulder and one arm.

“You see things like that… I was having a serious confidence crisis,” continued Kenny. I raced badly when

“But today I was so fired up. I was in the bathroom telling myself, ‘I can do this.

“A man at the starting line said, ‘You have this roller.’ I wanted to turn to him and say, ‘Yes, I have.’ It was like another bike rider.”