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Co-Optimus - Community Blog - 6 Best Competitive Online Games of 2022

When it comes to online gaming, it’s all about competitiveness and sometimes teamwork. There’s something about thrilling gaming experiences like no other.

There are many different types of online games that you can play with other participants. From the simplest classic board games like Chess and Scrabble, to live dealer casinos like Australia’s Joe Fortune Live Casino, to the most action-packed video games with vivid graphics like Rainbow Six.
This article will focus on one of the most popular types: video games. be interested? Let’s start with the list.

1. League of Legends

This online combat arena video game is based on Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne’s Defense of the Ancients mod. League of Legends was first unofficially launched in October 2009 by developer Riot Games. In fact, it was a pioneer of the MOBA subgenre when it was released.

A free-to-play multiplayer online combat arena game, League of Legends includes aspects of MMORPG games. League of Legends also incorporates elements of other genres into its gameplay, such as tower defense and strategy. Each faction gains evangelists and dragons as they progress through the game to help expand their army and destroy the opposing temple.

2. Fortnite

When you’re thrown into the ring with 99 other players, you have everything it takes to win. As the game progresses, the player collects resources, acquires gear, and builds a fortress to protect himself from other players. Also, as the Storm’s center of gravity decreases, the player will get closer and closer to it. are you up for the challenge? Try Fortnite and see what the fuss is about.

3. Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is a first-person shooter where players work together as a team to take down enemies. Players can choose from her over 30 characters, each with their own playstyle, and split her into three large roles that best suit their goals.

Control points or payloads must be captured or escorted across areas of the map by players from the same team within the allotted time period. While playing the game, players are rewarded with aesthetic incentives such as character skins and winning stances.

Your goal is to capture control points, transport cargo, or destroy your enemies. In general, the goal of the game is to complete an objective or eliminate the entire enemy team to win the game.

4. Valorant

Riot Games’ first entry into the first-person shooter market is Valorant, a 5v5 character-based tactical shooter. His PC version of the game, which is currently free to play, will soon be followed by a console version.

Ranked modes and many tournaments held by third-party organizations make it a competitive game. Players may purchase in-game items using real money, but these products do not offer an advantage over other players.

In this game, each round is timed and the side with the most kills at the end of the game or goal completion wins. At the start of each round, players can use in-game cash to purchase weapons and skills acquired through play.

5. Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, teams of up to 20 3-players land on islands, scavenge for weapons and supplies, and then try to take down all the other players. However, in the world of Titanfall, the game has many of the same gameplay his concepts. That said, it’s not a continuation of the Titanfall storyline.

Like other first-person shooters, this one lacks standard campaign options in addition to the first-person perspective. Its multiplayer mode centers around team-based warfare similar to Titanfall games, instead concentrating on multiplayer mode.

Apex Legends players are very competitive. There are many ways to win, but working together as a team is the most important. It’s a fast-paced game that requires quick thinking and quick reactions. Due to the large number of strategies in action, it’s important to monitor your team’s movements in this game.

6. Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Tom Clancy’s tactical shooter. The gameplay focuses on destroying the environment while promoting teamwork.

In some game types, such as hostage rescue and bomb defusing, players take on the role of either attackers or defenders. A series of short tasks called “situations” make up the game’s only campaign and can be completed alone or with a companion or companion in cooperative multiplayer mode.

The emphasis of the game is on the devastation of the natural world. Players can establish additional entries his points by destroying walls, floors, and ceilings. The game also includes a physics engine, allowing players to realistically destroy items.


Competitive gaming has been driven by the growing popularity of esports and live service gaming. Investing in games has never been more difficult, but with the rise of esports and competitive multiplayer, it’s getting harder. If you’ve learned about the best competitive games, it’s not time to make a decision yet.