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Cherokee Nation invests $2 million in MRI technology

TALLEQUAR, Oklahoma (KFOR) – Leaders of the Cherokee Nation unveiled a $2 million mobile MRI unit at WW Hastings Hospital in TALLEQUAR on Friday.

“Cherokee Nation continues to invest in healthcare with this cutting-edge, patient-centered imaging technology that represents the next generation of clinical care. , our efforts to ensure the story of the Cherokee people continue.A record investment in India’s best healthcare system will ensure the lives of Cherokees for generations to come. I am changing it to

The tribe purchased a mobile MRI unit as part of a $6 million investment in imaging across the tribe’s health care system.

Photo from the Cherokee Nation.

Hastings patients underwent off-site MRI services prior to receiving the MRI unit.

“Providing hospital and emergency MRIs has been challenging for patients and staff. “Having the unit on-site at the hospital eliminates the need for Hastings EMS to transfer patients to other facilities for MRI studies. Access to mobility will increase, improving patient care and satisfaction.”

Cherokee Nation officials say the new MRI system has an artificial intelligence software engine that will provide patients with a quieter, faster and more comfortable experience than traditional MRI technology used in field medical facilities. It says it will.

“Patients can choose to scan head-first or feet-first on each scan to alleviate claustrophobia issues,” said Jones. “The system’s quieter operation and wider bore help ease the anxiety that many patients often feel.”

The mobile MRI unit also enhances stroke care delivered through the hospital’s Acute Stroke Ready Certification and partnerships with regional brain laboratories.

“This unit enables better practices to help meet the requirements for acute stroke care certification, allows us to advance additional stroke center certifications, and is the only hospital in the region with a nationally accredited stroke program. will be,” said Cherokee Nation Health. Dr. Roger Montgomery, Executive Medical Director of Services. “Using his MRI on-site also allows for expedited follow-up examinations of patients being treated by RBI’s team of experts.”

Cherokee leaders have agreed to invest $400 million in 2021 to build a new hospital in Tallequua, replacing the nearly 40-year-old WW Hastings Hospital with new hospital technology.

As new hospitals are built and equipped with the latest MRI technology, the new mobile MRI units can be reused and used to serve more patients through other Cherokee Nation Health Services facilities.