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Carlisle United fans pay tribute to victory over Crawley Town

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Carlisle United fans were in high spirits after a 1-0 victory over Crawley Town on the first day.

Here’s what they thought of the game when they gave us their opinion on Twitter…

great performance. That’s what a hard working preseason can accomplish. The high press is impressive and a huge success for the Ligue 2 team. New subscribers fit in well and look better across the pitch. (@Bruce Vander)

It was really really good. All players have shifted. 1 player was not a passenger. (@Matthewgaskell9)

It looked really sharp, especially for the first 30 minutes. Some really impressive performances. Moxon MOTM for me. Gibson played a good game but he missed some good chances to end the game (turned on the halfway line in the first half) (@MarkDen40725244)

Impressive. He could have played easier, but he didn’t score three on the first day. The occupancy rate was outstanding. I hope Gainok isn’t too serious as he and Moxon can have a good partnership. lots of positives. (@ Ben Joseph 1057)

Comfortable wins, they were very poor. Buck and Gibson are impressive and need to cool off against better teams. (@thegaffa)

Naturally, a great 3 has no comments from the raucous owner, but we didn’t have to complain. (@keithelliott94)

Really promising start, organized, fit, energetic and sometimes creative. The only disappointment is that he didn’t score two or he scored three goals that we deserved. Buck and Feeney were great and it was nice to see Omari put his feet back a few minutes. (@Halpinforpope)

Even if there were three or four more goals, we wouldn’t be flattered. Very comfortable (@jpastalker)

Good team performance, well organized and true to the game plan. Great start to the season.. (@Philbell719Phil)

Probably the hardest working Carlisle team since Simmo’s last tenure.

Morgan Feeney is the best. Looks like Edmondson and Moxon. But he has to put away his chances. (@Feeling Holy)

Well, it was great to come back and see the new and old guys making a good shift and winning day one. Happy days to say. (@ Linda Ni121202)

I really enjoyed today. The footy, the graft, the atmosphere are passable, and the high press is fun to watch. Moxon and Buck were solid and Guy felt like he was going to attack more. And as for Denise… Bagger’s bag, John. It’s as easy as that. @mspoonz)

Dominated most of the game. Impressed by Moxon and Buck. Could have been 4 or 5 (@Matthew_2693)

Should I worry about having a great start but not scoring yet after dominating? (@mickychilts)

A really positive start to the season. If you compare that performance to last home game last season, it’s a big change. We hardly own it, but what we did with it matters. It should have been more than 1-0, but we were encouraged and defended well. (@Playbytherulz)

We didn’t get out of 1st gear. They looked like they were trying too hard. At least he should have scored four. We have solid defense and create many chances to score goals. Trust Simo. (@LEEROTHERHAM)

Good solid performance. Maybe 3 or 4 times… hopefully as the game gets sharper the near misses turn into goals (@3ddiew)

It was a brilliant performance by the youngsters and they were knocked out 1-0. For our keeper he had one save, but why did that useless referee (nothing change) give neither of his two penalty claims?Partnership, or Feeney and Barkley thought very good and Guy appeared to be released from the captaincy.Well done Bruce. (@ericgreen866)

Moxon played well in the first half and the new keeper looks edgy and intimidated, better back in front than defensive. Dennis is still in good form from last season. Armor is still the obvious weak link, with Edmondson sharp and hungry and the whole team looking fit. Room for improvement, but a good start (@PeteMcCormick6)

What a great start!!! We should have scored 5 more points at the top. My standout players were Buck, Feeney, Moxon, Gibson, Dennis, Guy…all 11 deserved MOTM (@tracy_sturgess)

Honestly, the only downside was that it should have been 4/5-0. Holly had no room to save. created a lot of chances. Feeney, Buck, Moxon and Gibson stand out. great (@parkinsonross)