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Babbel offers new business tools. And now it's 50% off.

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More than half of the world’s population can speak multiple languages ​​fluently. But given that just over 21% of all Americans consider her bilingual, the reason most American professionals are often at a tactical disadvantage in the field of international business is Easy to understand.


Business is all about communication. So how can you keep that business going when you can’t communicate with your partners and clients in far-flung locations around the world? And if you need to travel internationally, learn a little language before you leave. is recommended. As daunting as it may seem to many business owners, there is a relatively easy way to achieve some level of status in just three weeks.

It is called the Babel language learning method. Created by a consortium of top language teachers and experts, Babbel’s proprietary framework, with 10 million language success stories, demonstrates one main claim: A collection of lessons, podcasts, games, and more to help you have a conversation in one language. You can choose in as little as 3 weeks.

If that doesn’t sound like much time, you’re right – it’s not. But Babel doesn’t waste time either. When he chooses one of Babbel’s 14 languages, the students are instantly hooked. Then, basic conversational vocabulary and grammar are at your fingertips with her 10-minute lesson-divided instructions that are super-convenient, bite-sized.

Grouped around universal communication topics such as food, family, weather, and shopping, Babbel’s cadre of native-speaking instructors introduces students to new concepts in a unified, step-by-step manner. Learning sticks because the lessons organically build on each other, delivering her one key element at a time.

Words quickly turn into phrases and quickly into sentences. And in addition to the foundations of language, Babel teaching is key to the culture of the language, offering students the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the people and history that have influenced the language. You can grasp more of the nuances in

As a learner’s skills improve, Babbel’s unique Speech Recognition feature listens to pronunciation, checks for errors, and provides additional training when needed to help improve skills.

It is a highly rated and popular system. “I learned French in high school and loved it. Babbel’s technique helped me remember and dust off my previous skills,” Charlene said in her Trustpilot review. “Babel also makes learning a new language fun.”

50% off lifetime access to coursework in all 14 languages ​​on the Babbel app.

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