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As remote workers return to the office, 'business casual' is doomed in favor of resort wear and sneakers

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The business casual era may be ending in the explained in luckWhile most people have been working from home, the idea of ​​what constitutes professional attire has changed significantly.

Suddenly, people can prioritize comfort and personal style. But even when many employees are back in the office, they simply aren’t ready to get back in shape. A large number of employees create costumes that can meet the needs of any occasion.

Dubbed the “hybrid wardrobe,” this new work style sees jeans, shorts, sneakers and t-shirts all becoming office staples. Part of the reason is that we want to maintain the comfort and appearance flexibility our employees have enjoyed while working from home.

Being remote has caused people to stop and consider many customs and why they are considered necessary in order to be more productive. , is one of the options employees have come to wonder.

However, another aspect of this change is workers’ personal finances. You had a professional side and a casual side, both with very different styles.

But with the price of everything going up, people are suddenly much more sensitive about what they spend their money on.

As a matter of practicality, it becomes difficult to justify financially having two separate wardrobes that need to be maintained. Many people are looking for it.

The custom of business casual has not completely disappeared. Instead of wearing a button-down shirt with slacks and dress shoes, you can wear the same shirt with great-looking jeans and sneakers.

For women, wear a blazer with a plain T-shirt instead of a blouse. Workers are looking for outfits that are not only more comfortable, but also allow them to fashionable transition into different aspects of their lives outside of work.

If this style seems too laid back for you, luck In the article, their formal attire suddenly stood out as someone who was no longer stylish in the office.

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As more and more workers return to the office, employers are struggling with how to develop a dress code.


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