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8 ways to end the silo mentality and increase business agility

Are teams in your organization communicating effectively regarding SEO?

Or do they appear to be working on their own island?

How do you keep everyone up-to-date in an ever-changing digital landscape?

Let’s start with what everyone in the silo understands. Being found online is essential to achieving your business goals.

To be found in the SERPs, you need a comprehensive SEO strategy that involves all aspects of your website and includes all the teams involved.

On July 27th, I moderated a webinar with Patrick Reinhart, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Customer Success at Conductor.

Reinhart showed how to bring the team together to catch SEO issues before they impact rankings and revenue.

Here is the webinar overview.

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Impact of silos on growth

SEO is a team sport. you know this

You also know the main problem here. Not everyone knows you’re on the team.

Plus, executives say SEO takes too long, but we know SEO doesn’t take that long. Organization takes too long.

Most of the time, SEO teams struggle to get buy-in from groups and leaders. It’s hard to grow a company without silos and executive buy-in.

Simply put:

  • Silo = flat growth.
  • No silos = high growth.

When you’re the leader, don’t let silos form within your company.

Conductor surveyed hundreds of flat and high-growth companies on how long it takes to publish a new web page, change the title tag, and change the meta description.

[Here’s what their surveys found] Access the webinar now →

How Organizational Agility Breaks Down Silos and Speeds Success

It was discovered that 72% of what people do is simple optimization of their daily tasks.

Conductor, July 2022

If your company slows down the pace of these day-to-day operations, it could lose business to competitors who are quicker to conceive, create and implement.

that’s why organizational agility Very important for SEO.

[See what agile organizations can achieve] Access the webinar now →

So who should listen to this? Which team should I focus on first when breaking down a silo?

The 3 teams you need for a successful campaign

To run a successful campaign and start thinking about organizational agility, it’s important to break down the walls that separate these three critical teams:

8 ways to end the silo mentality and increase business agilityConductor, July 2022

So today, I’m going to reveal how individuals in these fragmented silos can team up for success.

[Find out where most enterprises are failing] Access the webinar now →

How to end siled thinking and increase business agility

1. Accept reality.

Be honest about whether you are a flat-growth company or a high-growth company.

2. Talk to each other.

One of the biggest wins you can get is meeting people and building relationships.

Grasp their level of understanding and become their teacher.

you have to educate

3. Send reports and let people read them.

Send reports regularly and make visuals easy to understand.

[Find out the different reports content and web folks need to create] Access the webinar now →

4. Evangelize within the company.

Most people don’t know what that means, so please enlighten me. Educate the company through:

  • Describe the stakeholders through the report.
  • Host lunch & learning.
  • Give credit to people doing good work.
  • Intentionally make time for education.

5. Celebrate your victory publicly.

Tell people you are doing a good job.

You can even highlight stories with emails/videos, engage them for important departmental updates, and even create merch they can brag about!

6. Encourage friendly competition.

Gamify the experience!

Reward the web’s best-performing content for processing the most tickets, or other easy, cost-effective ways like free lunches, gift cards, happy hours, and more!

7. Eliminate process inefficiencies.

Look for process inefficiencies and eliminate them.

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8. Haunted People.

Be persistent, consistent, attentive, and irritable.

Once you start a conversation and other teams see how easy it is, they’ll see how important it is to the business.

The ultimate goal is to create content and experiences that resonate with your customers. When you do this, the search engine will follow.

The only algorithm that matters is the customer’s needs and wants.

You need to build a system that fosters teamwork so your organization can be agile and connect with your users for long-term success.

[Slides] 8 ways to end the silo mentality and increase business agility

Here is the presentation:

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