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7 easy ways to keep your teammates from annoying you when gaming online with a microphone

Video games can be a great social activity, but unfortunately some people don’t know how to behave online.

This is evident when you sit down to play a game on a Friday night. fortniteWhether you’re playing with a full team of randos or filling the last slot on a team with a stranger, you’ll never run into someone blasting music or crunching Cheetos next to the mic. Guaranteed. In a perfect world, players would be vetted before they use their microphones in online games. I’m talking about yearly license renewals and the rigorous testing process that goes with everything. is needed.

Don’t be the one that everyone on your team rushes to mute at the start of the game.Follow these basic guidelines the next time you log in Halo Infinite, battlefield 2042or another online game of your choice, your teammates will love and respect you more than ever.

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sorry baby

I need to put this in another room.
Credit: Thanasis Zovoilis / Getty Images

Children are our future. Everyone agrees on this (and there’s even a song about it!) Sadly babies and online games don’t really mix, so here he has to be thrown under the bus for a minute .

Simply put, if there is a crying baby nearby, you should mute the mic until the situation is resolved, or live without a mic completely (such as a pacifier or a using fancy baby techniques). I know parenting a newborn is one of life’s most difficult tasks and you rarely get the chance to play games, but crying is just as uncomfortable for the people in your party as it is for you. However, until the child is out of the crying stage, single-player games may generally be your best bet.

Before I go any further, I would like to stress that I am. No One of these “I hate babies” people. they are adorable! The crying part isn’t particularly adorable, especially when you’re trying to line up the perfect shot and the piercing sound of a child’s crying throws your aim off course.

you may need to sweat

window air conditioner

Sadly, this bad boy has to stay away while you play the game.
Credit: TokenPhoto / Getty Images

This is for a friend of mine who lives in a city like New York where none of the buildings have central air conditioning. This is also a rule that I must follow whenever I play games with my friends. (Don’t say you’ve never sacrificed anything for your loved one.)

Noisy air conditioners (or fans) should be turned off while playing online games. I don’t care how expensive your headset was — yes, I’m talking about something that supposedly blocks out ambient noise.I’m pretty sure it will at least go up A few That white noise, pops up all the time while you’re talking your little voice chat icon.

I know.Trust me, I really know: no AC can be brutal during the summer months, turning it off for even a few hours while playing Hello It can be uncomfortable. But your teammates will appreciate you, even if it means they can smell you after the session is over.

turn those speakers down

Hand on volume dial

The sabbatical sound system requires an extended leave of absence.
Credit: Oscar Sanchez Photography/Getty Images

You might think that “muting other artificial noise sources in the room” is obvious advice for online gaming, but my experience over the years has contradicted it.

Do not listen to music with the microphone on. Just don’t do it!I don’t care if you like pearl jam, but I don’t. Even if it were, I wouldn’t want to hear it that way. At best, it’s ruining a song that someone else likes.In the worst case, you are playing music that the other person does not like When Makes it sound terrible in the process.

This also applies to muting your TV speakers.Game consoles have gotten better at automatically muting game audio from TVs when a mic is plugged in, but at least Xbox By default you may forget it. If the game audio is coming from your TV speakers, you may hear yourself echoing when your teammates are speaking.that is Amazing Annoying and should be avoided at all costs.

Quickly mute your finger

mute button

I know this. Please get along well.
Credit: Whiteway/Getty Images

Speaking of pressing the mute button, it’s most likely somewhere on your headset. find it. If you have any problems, please refer to the instruction manual. Once you know where the mute button is, practice pressing it quickly while wearing the headset. Probably dozens of times until you understand the routine. Become one with your headset. you won’t be able to stop

why do you do this? Because a sudden noise source can appear and you need to mute that sucker ASAP. (They’re right, by the way.) Because most of the time I have to sneeze. If he can memorize the mute button movement and keep it in his muscle memory, he can be the most courteous gamer in 90% of the games he plays online.

pick up the phone in another room

Man talking loudly on the phone on the bus

don’t be this guy
Credit: Toby Burrows / Getty Images

Another reason to quickly hit the mute button is your phone.I know you don’t want your personal business to be played by a bunch of strangers overwatch, and believe me, they don’t want to hear it either. However, this section is not just the phone for you. It’s also about calling people you live with.

Few things are more considerate than having a loud phone conversation in the same room with your roommate when they are trying to do something that requires noise. This applies to everything from watching TV to playing online games. If someone in the same room is on the phone while you are playing, you must politely shuffle and move to another room. Many people do this themselves, but not everyone has special social graces.

Don’t be silly, but find a way to let them know that phone calls aren’t welcome when you’re trying to flank the last remaining squad. apex legends Match for ultimate glory.

watch your mouth

curse word speech bubble

Please don’t say bad words.
Credit: Epoxydude/Getty Images

My next game etiquette suggestion is sadly not very funny if someone violates it.

I wish this wasn’t said, but I can’t, so I’ll say it here. Do not use swear words or other offensive language when talking to strangers online. It may sound scolding, but I don’t really care. It’s not cool to say something that was considered risque in an episode of . south park 20 years ago. If you don’t tell your parents, don’t tell your teammates either.

are we clear? very! Let’s get back to the fun stuff.

Doritos are great, but they can wait

bag of chips on the shelf

They are not next to the headset mic.
Credit: Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images

The final piece of my gaming etiquette is perhaps the most obvious, and one of the most annoying (and somehow very common) habits among all gamers: eating chips with a mic. is something to deal with.

this counts for eating Any It’s kind of a food, but the unique crunchiness of potato chips (usually Doritos, because, let’s be honest, they’re great) has echoed in many gamers’ headsets for decades. All I have to guess is that it took about five minutes from the time online voice chat was invented until someone decided to put their mouth full of chips next to a microphone.

I don’t understand why people do this. I think the chips are great too, but they don’t sound the most pleasant.don’t log in fortnite Listen to ASMR content. I just want to have fun with my friends and not get my eardrums wiped out, whether by a chip, a crying baby, or a very personal phone call that frankly isn’t my job.

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