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5 podcasts every business leader should listen to

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Podcasts are incredibly useful tools that help us understand the world around us more deeply and see things from a different perspective. What makes podcasts so useful is that they easily fit in with other activities, making them ideal for busy people.

In the last few years, podcasts have come to the forefront of modern media.It seems that everyone from actors and comedians to entrepreneurs and investors has dabbled in the art. However, not all podcasts are created equal. I encourage anyone to listen to what they like, but there are some hilarious ones out there!-This list contains tried-and-tested, must-listen for any business he leader or entrepreneur. contains my favorites.

today’s focusGuardian

With 24/7 coverage, email updates and notifications to keep you up to date with daily happenings around the world, you’re more connected to the news than ever before. ‘Today In Focus” Go beyond just listening to the news and dig a little deeper to help listeners better understand current events. Topics range from breaking news to broader themes and cultural episodes, so you can learn new insights as well as see the big picture. With daily episodes on weekdays, this is perfect for commuting.

‘journal’ Wall Street Journal & Gimlet

I can’t get enough of this podcast. It bills itself as “a podcast about money, business, and power,” but it inevitably extends into the realms of politics, news, and science. Although its primary focus is American business, many of the topics covered are global, so those who live outside of the United States are also encouraged to dig deeper. so cannot be ignored when it comes to financial arguments. Episodes are published every weekday and are an excellent source of the latest business news that every aspiring leader needs.

“Bad Blood, Final Chapter” Three Uncanny Four

In this podcast, we move away from the news to a real scam and explore the fascinating story of Elizabeth Holmes. Holmes, the founder of blood testing startup Theranos, was once the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire. She is now charged with leading a large-scale fraud and she could face 20 years in prison if convicted. For true crime enthusiasts, this is a great podcast. However, in his upcoming television series, this story will likely move into the realm of mainstream media, so knowing the facts before the series is released will help you understand the water cooler in the office of his chat. will take its place. The case should also serve as a word of caution to technology entrepreneurs and investors. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

“That Tech Show” Samuel Gregory & Chris Adams

This list would be incomplete without mention of tech podcasts. There are countless apps and inventions that can help your business succeed, so as a business owner, it’s imperative that you keep up to date with the latest technological developments. The dynamic duo of Chris Addams and Samuel Gregory guest on most episodes to explore the latest technological inventions, from the mundane to the surprising. If you want to stay up to date on the latest tech news, apps and inventions without having to do your own research, subscribe to this podcast.

“Property Podcast” Rob Bence & Rob Dicks

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or just starting out, this podcast is essential. A different real estate-related topic is discussed each week, and Rob uses his unsurpassed expertise to enlighten listeners. They both invest in UK property so you can be sure they are worth it.Having a lot of experience in real estate development including launching coworking his space in central London and this podcast can be found to be informative and insightful.

With podcasts on everything from property to news, science to tech, there’s always a podcast for you. Podcasts are accessible from most streaming platforms. Alternatively, you can go directly to his website for podcasts and listen. Have you missed your favourites? Let us know in the comments below.